So I saw a Jeep today that appeared painted entirely in truck bed spray in liner today.

No, not matte paint. I wish I had taken pictures to show. It was black and actually looked pretty cool. A bit rough to the touch, but had a bit of a post apocalyptic edge to it. I might consider it if I had a Jeep and the money for the “paint job”.

I’ve seen and felt one before, at a county 4x4 fair and show. It was interesting. This was about 3-4 years ago and I don’t remember the company that did this.

Mythbusters (which is running a marathon now on Discovery) painted half a car with bedliner to see how it faired against an an untreated side. Only the aftershow is available on Youtube:

Search ‘bedliner car’ on YouTube and there a a number of people who have done it themselves. The catch as the Mythbusters point out, it’s heavy.

Another problem I’ve heard of is that it tends to collect dust a bit more than smooth paint does- so it’s really hard to make it look clean, especially if you live out in the desert.

I’ve got an XTerra, and I’ve thought about bedlining the black plastic parts.

In grad school I knew a guy who railed against glossy, slick, car paint. He thought old fashioned tractor paint was the thing to use. Who cared if it wasn’t shiny? But it would last and be easy to touch up. But I’ve never seen a John Deere green Jeep.

Of course, nowadays, tractors can come with fairly glossy finishes, cabins, stereos, ACs, etc. Bidet extra.

We’ve got the spray-on bedliner in the bed of our truck, and it’s flaked off in a couple of spots where the bed cover locks down. Dunno if it was a bad application or if the stuff just doesn’t hold up to plastic clamps. I’d be interested to know how well it lasts on an entire Jeep.

But I wouldn’t want it on any of my vehicles… <shudder>

You might enjoy the artwork “Trans Am Apocalypse” which has the Book of Revelations scratched into a flat black paint job.

Pretty common out west in the sticks, actually. I’d do it, but that shit is expensive.

Mr.Wrekker has painted a couple things with Hwy.dept orange. It never wears off. Of course its ugly as shit. Oh, He bought the paint at an aution, before you think he swiped it.

Years ago I drove by a place (more than once) that applies Rhino Liner. They had an old VW Beetle (probably just the shell) that was painted with it. The car also had a rhino horn attached to its hood, a tail in the back, and little rhino ears on the top.

Thats actually pretty cool.

I know someone that did this to an 80’s 4x4 Chevy pickup. He thought it would stop the rust that was taking over the truck. His problem was the truck continued to rust under the bed liner stuff, he had to quit driving it after his foot went through the floor while driving it.

Snow and Ice might be hard to brush off it too.

I had a friend who did a bedliner job on a little SUV, like a Suzuki Sidekick or something. Bright orange. It definitely got noticed when driving around.

ISTR Edd China giving the bedliner treatment to something Mike Brewer bought for “Wheeler Dealers” after discovering that the vehicle in question will never pass MOT again, limiting said vehicle to off-road use only.