Trucking companies and spelling and punctuation

I get data from more than one trucking company. One thing I’ve noticed is that they tend to have a whole lot of records. I’ve written a program to match current and previous files by a/r number, and to use the previous name and address information where possible in the output file.

Why do I do this? Because we want ‘clean’ data. Names and addresses need to be consistent from month to month. Records that are not matched have to be cleaned up manually in Excel. That’s right; typing. And trucking companies seem to have a lot of records that need to be manually cleaned. And here’s the thing: Why can’t they spell and punctuate? Examples:

Masonry. I’ve seen it spelled three ways in one file:


Jones & Son’s Contracting
Jones Transport Service’s

They also have an inordinate number of words that are missing letters or have additional letters, and typographical errors (e.g., ‘Inv’ instead of ‘Inc’). There are similar errors in other files, but the percentage seems larger with trucking companies.

I mentioned this to someone I know, and she said that she used to work in the office of a trucking company. She said she was the only one ho had graduated high school.

Well, it’s nice to see at least one ho made it through high school…

I see I fell victim to Gaudere’s Law.

You know, I don’t want to get this thread dragged to GD, but I have to say it: I think there’s a direct correlation between egregious misuse of apostrophes and far-right political beliefs.

Look at this, for instance, which has two separate examples. Or this monstrosity. I really mean this - any time I see some sign or flyer with some trite right-wing sentiment, there always seem to be apostrophe’s.

They misspelled Jesu’s.

But from personal experience, yes, trucking firms tend to have rather low concentrations of IQ points. I know a while ago, there was a thread here about why they say “I drive truck” rather than “I drive a truck” or even “I drive trucks.”

Closely related to trucking is moving - I did some PC network repair for a moving company a while back, and most of them seemed to be less clever than a screwdriver. It was also the only job where I got paid with kitchen appliances. I accepted their offer of a fridge (allegedly a stored item that was abandoned) figuring if nothing else, I’d get more for it on Craigslist than he would have eventually paid me. People say the most amazing things around tech support when they forget we’re ten feet down the hall in a wiring closet - while I was there, I lost track of how many times I heard the manager hemming and hawing with creditors and asking them for “just another week.” :eek:

I actually wound up keeping it in the garage for beer and pop.