True Blood 5-12 Save Yourself

Tonight’s season finale …had its moments! It was a disappointing season but tonight’s show almost made up for it. As for Bill - I did not see that coming!

Ruuunnn!!! Don’t believe I ever saw Eric scared before.

Death by shape shifting fly was the highlight episode for me (in an eww, gross, aww, yuck, laughing the whole time kind of way).

Really? Only one reply!? Holy crap… this season was crazy. Much better than last season, though. Anyone else also read the books? Man have they ever diverged!

I totally called Bill resurrecting, in Lilith fashion, from the pool of blood.

The fairy quadruplets were a comedic interlude, but this show still is stuck in 2nd gear.

That was an awesome finale! Lots of crazy shit happening and new stuff set up for next season like Bill the blood god, Jason’s PTSD or whatever, Andy’s new fairybabies, and a Tara/Pam romance (eww, seems kind of incestual).

Nah. It’s how things are done. Bill and Lorena, Russell and Talbot, etc.

Is there going to be another season? This show has gotten awful. Thank goodness Treme and Boardwalk Empire are coming back.

Eric arriving just in time to kill Russell, well, that stretched my suspension of disbelief over my head and tied it in a knot. Ridiculous, but Eric’s expressed pleasure at finally killing Russell redeemed it somewhat.

I thought for a sec Bill was a goner, but when they showed some of his more solid goop sinking into the blood, it was easy to flash on the memory of Lilith rising from a blood pool, and so I did. Surely intentional.

The werewolf story could’ve been much better. It had some solid material and actors to work with but they didn’t handle it well. Not enough time, perhaps. Again, the efreet storyline could have been cut entirely. The fairy babies were pretty random, but I saw their abandonment coming. The fairy’s a Cuckoo bird that lays her eggs in another’s nest for them to raise.

The death by fly ingestion was awesome! Just awesome! Sam gets some of the coolest kill scenes, like the death by bull in season 2.

Oh fuck, it’s Billith.

I hope Luna survives after all that, to get her little pup back. This is Sam’s second killing of a villain, and it was a great scene. (But in the second season when he transformed into that beautiful white bull, gored MaryAnn and ripped out her black heart - that was just beautiful and terrible and awesome. That scene has stayed with me. I wish they had it on youtube.) … So that’s the end of The Authority? That was it, a bunch of religious loonies? Chaos from now on?

There was an old vampire who swallowed a fly…

Pretty whacked. They semed in a rush to tie up all the loose ends. It’s been clear for some time that they were killing off all the members of the vampire High Council one by one, so it was just a matter of exactly how and when they bought it. I honestly figured they’d end up with some stupid little technicality at the end that negated it all, so the cliffhanger they went with came as a bit of a surprise.

Can somebody explain Russel’s death to me? It seems to be a given that Eric staked him, but before he went, Russel glowed from within (as if those fairy bolts were finally having an effect on him) and statrted deliquescing. Those things don’t happen with a staking, and suggest some other source for his demise, but veveryone’s acting as if Eric simply staked Russel.

Yeah, it wasn’t shot very clearly. I rewatched it, and it looks like we were supposed to see that Erik staked him as soon as he snatched him and without hesitation. But the first time I saw it, I thought Erik grabbed him, held him at stake point, and then just watched as the light killed him. I think it’s the former, not the latter. The light was from drinking the elder fairy, not the hadoukens from the fairies.

Thanks, drastic It certainly wasn’t clear to me – I thought Eric was just holding him at stake-point, too.

All the talk about the Vampire Bible, by the way, reminds me of Mike Nelson’s* review of Blade, which apparently also features a Vampire Bible. He said that the vampires were pissed that the Gideon’s Bible folks would let them place the Vampire Bible in hotel rooms.

*he of MST3K and Rifftrax.

I figured that the fairy blood had regenerative powers for vampires. Russell thought it could regenerate Talbott at one point in season 3, and clearly it provided temporary relief from the vulnerability to the sun. I viewed the scene as Russell having been staked, and the fairy blood was holding him together for longer than usual. Still, the light ran out, and the normal consequence of being staked followed. Maybe he’d have survived the staking if he’d eaten more than the one fairy before it happened. We likely won’t find out at this point, though.

So that’s how Russell, the baddest of the vampire badasses, makes his exit? You sneak up behind him and nudge him gently with a pointed stick? In the first five minutes of the episode?

Vampires have some really serious design flaws. I’m just starting to feel sorry for them.

For a second or two I also thought that was the end of Bill, thinking that Lorena had somehow managed to silver the other vial of blood. Of course, since Russell had been killed, I don’t think there was any way the writers could have killed off Bill as well. This season Bill has revealed his true evil nature and now has become some sort of vamp demigod who will undoubtedly be the Big Bad for next season. (Yes, there will be a Season Six according to Wikipedia.)

Now we have to wait nine months before finding out whether Bill will succeed in rallying all or most other vampires to his cause, or if some of the latter will work with humans to oppose him. From what I’ve seen in this series, vampires don’t always work and play together well.

I think the most likely outcome for next season will be that most of the vamps will join forces with other supes and ordinary humans to fight the Big Bad of 2013; that would be in keeping with the story arcs of the past seasons. On the other hand, if Bill can force most vampires to toe his line it would become a continual battle between vampires and everyone else. That could lead to some interesting plot turns, particularly if 2013’s season is to be the last.

If there is one thing that irks me about the show (and books), it is the way they use the shapeshifters. Not so much the weres, but the shifters like Sam. In the show, and especially the books, shifters are treated like the bottom rung of the shapeshifting community. But to quote Superman from the HISHE webseries “I guess I would be jealous…if I wasn’t, like, ALL of you combined…” I get that with almost all storytelling, the characters are only as good as the story requires them to be, but the amount of time I spend watching this show thinking “Goddamn it Sam, just turn into a <blank>!” is amazing. Or the scene in the finale where Luna is like “If only there was SOME way to get to you Emma, any way at all. Oh, hey Sam, you just shapeshifted back and forth to a fly. Cuz you are a shifter. Like me. Anyway, like I was saying, if only I was smaller and could fit through these bars Emma! Or if you had some way of changing from your wolf-form and breaking out of that plastic pet carrier!”

Emma was quite young, so perhaps she was not able to shift into any form aside from wolf cub. And also when Sam shifted back to human form from fly, his expression seemed to imply that doing so was painful.

The show has implied that Emma is a werewolf, like her daddy. She’s not a “shifter” like Sam and Luna, so she can’t take on any other form than wolf or human. So even though Sam and/or Luna could have gotten into the cell with Emma, there wasn’t any way for them to get her out of the cell from within.

The show is full of stuff like that.

Why do vamps need to earn money when they can just glamor people into giving them whatever they need or just take it by force or guile?

If the older vamps are stronger, why can’t Eric, who is over 1000 years old, easily dispatch the guards? Well, he can but only if the plot calls for it.

The writing has become so damn sloppy.