True Blood 5-5: Let's Boot and Rally

Now that’s more like it!!! THIS was the first episode this season I really enjoyed, I have been deeply disappointed so far! For all the Tara haters out there, you have to admit she looked just beautiful in last night’s show. And Sookie was much less annoying. She made me laugh when she said “I have a headache and I gotta pee something fierce”! That’s something I always think about when the heroes are marching into danger - what if you gotta pee something fierce??

Much improved episode over the previous ones this season.

Can someone fill me in on what happened with The Authority? Vamp-chick was trying to talk The Guardian into tossing them a bone. Next scene he gives a big speech and…? I definitely didn’t see him tossing any bone out there to the other side to help reconcile them so was that the intent or not?

And really, what the F happened in the end? Are we to assume by that ending that Alcide is helping Russell? A protector of sorts? I’m sure they’ll explain in the next episode but anyone care to speculate?

I still do not care one ounce about Terry’s storyline, Lafayette’s voodoo demon possession, the supe’ murdering group of hillbillies, or the fairies.

Some funny lines this week:

Must be Thursday.
Tara’s quip about how if she wanted to look like a drag queen she would have raided Lafayette’s wardrobe instead of Pam’s.


I think the authority’s problem is this: Talking instead of acting doesn’t make one afraid of your actions. Declaring yourself to be scary doesn’t make you scary.

I loved Jessica’s talk with Tara about how Pam is the cool mom and Bill is a drag. I think it’s beginning to dawn on Tara exactly how much less her life is going to suck. Figuratively speaking of course.

Sookie puking just as Alcide told her how long he had waited for this moment was great, especially with Bill and Eric watching.

Russell’s live snack bar was very creepy.

I don’t think Alcide is helping other wolves.

How are all the other supes being identified in order to be targeted? Sam and the other shapeshifters in his group led low-key lives.

Anyone else notice this episode was 10 minutes short?

Let me be the first to say Terry’s storyline is not needed. A fire spirit/Balrog/Smoke Monster from Lost is going to follow him around now? Is this what they planned from the beginning, because he’s been working up to … something … for ages. Not just the PTSD, but a confrontation with a ‘supe’. Maybe Lafayette can drive it away.

I feel bad for the poor guy hanging in a straightjacket, I do wish they’d freed him. Something like that bothers me inordinately.

I think they are going to free all the hanging snacks, they just can’t chance them running around in hysterics during the showdown or getting loose before being glamored (sp) and telling the world what happened and having another round of really bad press for the vampires, especially with Russell supposedly being dead already. Better to kill Russell and replace their memory with you all won a cruise vacation and were gone for a week.

I agree this was much improved over previous episodes, but they really dragged out the search for Russell beyond my interest level. If I had a ticking time bomb on my chest, I’d use some of my Vampire Fast Forward powers to speed up the search. And I’d abso-frackin’-lutely use it when I found him and had a stake in my hand, instead of standing there like an idiot.

I started watching True Blood from the beginning a few weeks ago, and I’ve seen a few episodes this season as well, including last night.

I don’t think this is something like Sopranos, where I will gobble up season after season on DVD or NetFlix in order to get caught up. I like the feel of the first season ok, but the shapeshifter thing and the revelation that there is so much more going on our there (see the Ifrit from last night) leaves me with the feeling that they might be trying to expand the universe too much.

Vampires, cool. Maybe a shapshifter, ok maybe cool. The rest of what I see lies ahead of me? Eh. I donno. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

Also, I do hope they explain the reason why the lady vampire from the authority who freed Russell* didn’t use Doug** as Russell’s first snack. Because the one way to ensure there are no witnesses is to not leave witnesses!

*And the “mystery” lady? It’s totally Salome.

**Doug. Heh. I just got this. Appropriate name.

I was screaming at the TV…STAKE HIM! Stop talking and STAKE HIM! Sheesh.

I agree. And I don’t care if they’ve been planning it all along or not, it’s stupid and distracting and makes me just not care about those characters.

Vampire Tara may redeem herself a al Chloe from 24. Once Chloe picked up the machine gun, she was everybody’s favorite character! Well, maybe that’s a stretch for Tara, but this is her best bet so far to not suck (hah!) as a character.

Hubby made an interesting comment–if they staked Russell, how would they have proven it? It’s not like they could bring him his head. It’d be, “Here’s dead vampire goo. I promise, it was Russell.”

Someone needs to clue the vamps in to modern technology. Just stream the staking live from the i-phone, duh!

Terry’s story is unneeded. Really, everything to do with Terry is ALWAYS unneeded. Likable guy(albeit one with issues), but there’s never been anything there that needed to go beyond background scenery at the bar.

Tera has the possibility of not being a black hole of suck this season. We’ll see if they pull that off.

I like Christopher Meloni, but he’s becoming boring. Even the staking last episode didn’t really help. Talk talk talk talk talk. Enough tough talk about the same subject over and over. Do something, or take up a hobby.

Lafayette remains one of the more interesting characters, who is in turn portrayed by one of the better actors on the show, but that whole witch-mask thing they got going on with him is more laughable than anything. Also, WTF is up with Jesus’ head appearing to Lafayette’s mother, and her not being surprised? Not wild about his story arc in general.

This whole episode had the feel of a ‘middle’ to me. No meat, all filler. No satisfying moments nor revelations. More shifters shot, we still don’t know who or why. Russel’s found, but we knew he was alive, and we still don’t know who is behind it, how they knew he was alive under the concrete, or why they did it. Oh, except it HAS to be Salome. Seriously, how could they trust SALOME?

I believe Salome was telling the main Authority guy to toss a bone to those vampires who are religious without being Sanguinistas. If he comes off as anti-religious, he risks pushing them toward the Sanguinistas. Sort of a parallel, I think, to moderate Muslims and terrorists. That was the point of the big speech in the next scene with the kneeling (I think there was kneeling) and the talk of Lilith’s sacred blood.

As for the ending, Russell has always used werewolves to help him. I assume that was a non-Alcide werewolf at the end who attacked. I don’t think Alcide is helping Russell.

This x 18 in the like department. There’s plenty of plot without any of those plotlines, add to which Lafayette’s demon persona looks like a mask you’d buy in a Tijuana gift shop.

I’ve wondered if Roman is in fact a Roman emperor or general of some importance. It would make sense that one would meet Salome and conceivably spend the next 2,000 years with her.

Weird–I’ve been thinking this season is more interesting so far than almost any of last season was.

It might be my southern religious ren-fair-y upbringing that makes me find the series to continue to be interesting even as others lose interest…

Well, he did get it in Mexico!

According to this, he’s only about 500 years old. Which I guess makes Salome a cougar :wink:
I hate the Terry and Lafayette plot lines. Sookie needs to keep her fairy whore hands off of my man. Tara is a little more likable as a vamp.

WHO is Reverend Newlin’s maker!!! I thought for a couple of weeks it was Pam because she said “I’ve done this before” when they were burying her with Tara, then I watched the Minisodes – Pam turned a guy about a year after she was turned but she got bored with him and released him. I suppose it’s still possible she did it but I doubt it. I’m thinking maybe Nan Flanagan did it?

Who let Russell out? Nora would be too easy but I can’t imagine why any of the other Authority women would do it.

Is Luna dead? That’s gonna suck for Emma if she is who BTW is the cutest baby werewolf evar.

The only thing cuter would be if she were a wereplatypus.