True Blood. S05/Ep02. "Authority Always Wins"

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Well, that was marginally better than the last episode. Anyone know what language The Authority were speaking during their communion ritual?

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Last night was just plain awful, with a couple of exceptions.

The were-puppy in pj’s got a solid laugh from me, as did Jessica and her my daddy is the King line. Steve Newlin dancing was a gas. Pam was also funny with her I am doing something, I’m laughing line and I’m your maker … I order you to not bite these two humans. Oh and stay inside.

The authority is cartoonish (and also a different authority than was shown in an earlier episode), Tara is now an insufferable angry vampire who now has ties to Pam for all eternity (could be funny but I’m guessing it won’t be), Russell being shown with limbs strewn about like chicken wings was a bit much (wonder who dug him up?), and all the sub plots are wearing thin.

I agree with LurkerInNJ - plain awful.

I hate Tara and honestly do not know a single person who watches the show who likes her, is interested in her story lines, and wants anything other than for her to be gone for good. The only funny involved in last night’s episode was Pam’s comments and Lafayette pulling his sweater up tight around his neck.

Werewolf/Sam/Hot Chick/Alcede Storyline - Do. Not. Care. Baby-Wolf in PJ’s was a good chuckle then I remembered - I. Do. Not. Care.

The Authority - Um, crazy screaming child vampire on the council? Lilith? Religious ceremony over-tones and fanatical persecution of “literalists”? Yea, okay maybe this could be interesting to get a view into The Authority but this isn’t starting well at all.

Russell - Dear God, don’t drag his return out much longer he is the only damn thing interesting left on this show.

Jessica - Still hotter than the sun but she was acting rather annoyingly with Bill gone and the frat house type party scene going on. I had enjoyed seeing Jessica grow a bit from petulant new vampire to the relationship and finally moving on to be independent. Seems we’ve taken a step backwards but damn she is hot, hot, hot.

Hoyt / Jason - Not bad so far, completely understand how Hoyt would be reeling from both losing Jessica and his friend banging her and thus really hates Jason right now.

Ugh! Anyway, I’ll keep watching but I found myself last night checking my phone for FaceBook updates and reading Twitter more and more during the show. Just not riveting stories at all at this point.

The story lines are starting to get a little tired IMHO, but I still continue to watch. I don’t feel as invested in the characters as I used to. Sookie is a fairy with mysterious fairy powers, yet she still acts like a helpless victim.

You haven’t even mentioned the Terry and Arlene story line which was totally needed because you know there isn’t enough stuff going on as it is.

I think they should just do a spinoff show called “Bon Temps PD” and have it be the hilarious antics of the Bon Temps Police Department with Sherriff Bellefleur and his gang of misfit deputies.

Are the werpanthers history?

I loved Hoyt’s mom in this episode.

Hoyt’s mom is always good for a laugh.

I agree that there are too many storylines. Terry and Arlene may have something to do with the main plot which we’ll find out about eight episodes in. But right now I simply don’t care about their arc.

The authority seems contradictory. Here we have the first mention of a vampire religion. They seem especially devout, carrying around the Old Old testament and taking communion. To our knowledge, they’re the only ones who practice this religion in the first place! Yet *they * are the ones who are fighting against the Biblical literalists. What literalists? These guys seemed pretty literal to me.

Also, one makes note of how they have to live in harmony because the humans outnumber the vampires 1,000 to 1. Sooo…there are 7 million vampires on Earth? Holy crap that’s a lot of vampires. I’m pretty sure they could destroy us if they wanted to.

The subtitles said the language was Aramaic

I thought it was Aramaic. Sounded Hebrew-ish, but not Hebrew. And that would weirdly tie into Christianity. Of course, if Vampyr Religion is older than Judaism even, then it probably should have been in some very obscure, probably unknown, language.

They’re kind of all over the place, aren’t they? In the scene where Bill Compton is being interrogated/tortured, I wondered if this “authority” is an “anti-authority” in opposition to the more familiar hierarchy which advocates co-existence. Then during the meeting/vampire Mass it was clear that it’s the same leadership we’re used to.

But they wouldn’t want to do that. Without us fragile humans swarming about them, their immortality and strength would be meaningless. It’s obvious enough that some vampires, like Jessica, enjoy showing off and impressing humans with their abilities.

Plus, you know, food.

After the episode they did an interview with…I forget who, and was all like “we wanted the authority to come off as scary and imposing.” Um. I guess if you went to Catholic school and still have bad memories of nuns they might be scary, but otherwise not so much.

How is it that Ball still hasn’t gotten the fact that viewers utterly loathe Tara? I adore book!Tara in comparision: she’s rarely mentioned, which is great. Ratings this season would go much higher if he’d simply allowed her to stay dead-dead. Her not speaking 90% of the episode was a nice change, though.

Vampire Tara is at least more sexy and attractive than Human Tara. But I could easily do without both.

The Silver IV thing was ridiculous. I mean, why would the effect end as soon as they turned off the IV? The silver is still in the bloodstream.

I liked this episode a lot more than the premiere. Last week the sudden jump cuts from story to story were jarring to the point of almost being comical. This episode had a much better flow.

I’m kind of into the Terry and Arlene storyline, but that may just be because I’m a fan of Scott Foley. Also, the sparring between Jessica and the gay church due is fun.

Yeah, that was pretty bad.

Oh lord. I couldn’t even enjoy the funny bits much because I had so much contact embarrassment for the poor actors trying to deliver the Authority plot with a straight face. Personally I think if you’re going to just throw up your hands and shoe-horn in a plot without a shadow of foundation in the previous story, you should at least make it coherent and try not to make it laughable.

This show has been circling the drain for some time, but I think I can identify the precise shark-jumping moment with two words: “Vampire Bible.” Ugh.

One word: Sanguinista.

They would have until sunrise until the humans start burning down their homes and businesses.

Yes, that was the most ridiculously stupid, tin-eared, amateurish bit, without a doubt. But I believe it wasn’t mentioned until after the Vampire Bible, so technically the shark had already been jumped.

But yes. God. How did so many people fail to jump up and slap the writer who came up with that?