True Blood. S05/Ep01. "Turn! Turn! Turn!"

To every season…

Just a reminder that the Vamps are back tonight. I have that on good “Authority”.

Just watching last season’s finale in anticipation.

I don’t have cable this year, so a friend invited me over to watch. I even made chocolate chip peanut butter banana bread, on the hottest day of the year so far, in appreciation. This was quite the feat as I haven’t put the air conditioner in the downstairs window yet.

I hope it’s good (the bread, I mean).

Last season was terrible. But apparently they have a new show runner this time out, so I’ll give this season a chance.

Please let Tara be dead and gone, please let Tara be dead and gone…

Well, damn. :frowning:

And that flashback of Sookie and Tara as kids was one of the cheesiest things ever on this show. And that’s saying something.

On the plus side:

We’ve got Patty the Daytime Hooker playing a werewolf.
Eric boning his “sister.”
Reverend Newlin could be a fun character, especially now that he’s “out.”
Jessica is still hawt!
Pam, as usual, was the best part of the episode.

HBO needs to change their catchphrase from “It’s not TV. It’s HBO” to “It’s siblings fucking. It’s HBO.” :wink:

I really don’t care about any of the plots anymore, sadly. Lafayette is still good. The episode was worth watching for Pam’s line about the sweat suit. Other than that, meh.

If Tara turns into a badass now, I’ll keep watching. If she’s whiny and damaged about being a vamp, I think I’m out.

That was pretty meh. Having Reverend Land’s End be gay seems pretty gratuitous. And it was sooooo in suspense at the end about Tara. :rolleyes:

I’m hoping The Authority is going to spice things up this season. Jessica is the bast part so far.

A bit of a snoozer, this episode. I did see it coming from a million miles away that Tara would wake up at the last minute. I am wondering though if the “brain damage” will be amnesia of some sort. An angry vampire Tara that doesn’t know who anyone is could be fun (and in the end, probably terminal for her, finally.). I did like Tara the first season but the whining did get old.

Disappointed we only got to hear (I think) Stabler instead of see him this episode.

What could possibly be worse than a whiny, annoying Tara? A whiny, annoying, vampire Tara!

There are too many stories lines at this point. I’m interested in seeing what happens with Bill, Eric, and the Authority, and I can’t wait to see Russell again, but I’m bored with the “Merlotte’s” stuff – Sam, Terry, Arlene, Hoyt, etc.

I was immediately pissed with the Tara story line - now we have another season of that useless character. More angry Tara but this time… a vampire! Oooohhh, ahhhh… clicks off t.v.

Erik has a sister, in The Authority, that he also has sex with. Well isn’t that mighty convenient for the story and the required T&A factor.

The Reverend is not only a vampire now but a gay vampire? In love with Jason. And he got all murdery against vampires before because his wife was having sex with Jason and not him. Nevermind the entire family history of the church and their radical activism against vampires. Latent homosexuality caused him to get all murdery. sigh

If not for Pam’s lines and Jessica’s lingerie, this episode would have completely sucked.

Erik and his “sister” are only siblings in the sense that they have the same maker, right? No blood relation at all, pardon the pun. Right?

Yes, that’s how I understood it. Erik is otherwise unrelated to the woman.

I kept asking my husband where/what I knew her from. He had no clue. Thanks! I feel much better now.

Lafayette’s “I’ve had it with these motherfucking monsters on this motherfucking show” rant was great. I think it nicely mirrored some of the audience’s exasperation at times.

Especially, when he shot him the stink eye. Reminded me of this guy.

Thank you, and everyone else who expressed dissatisfaction with the premiere. You watched so I don’t have to. :slight_smile:

Seriously, what the hell happened to this show? The first season was pretty damn good, and so was the second.

Proud to be a Gay American Vampire Reverend Steve and Pam in her Wal-Mart sweatsuit were the best parts of the episode. Jason’s reaction was good, as was Jessica’s frat party at the mansion. The rest sucked but not in a good way, lol.

If I have to watch Tara be an angry vampire I will shoot her again myself.

For some reason they decided each cast member needs their own subplot every season. The result is a bunch of disconnected, rushed, under-developed story lines crowding each other out.

Yeah, I’d like to see them narrow the story down and focus on something more specific. I mean, last season we had this little detour into FairyLand, and then basically never revisited it. Maybe they should take a clue from the Twilight movies and just concentrate on Vampires and Werewolves. :slight_smile:

Well, the A factor anyway. It was quite annoying the way she kept her bra on when they were fucking.

Not to mention that nekkid werewolf babe with her hair strategically placed over her breasts. What the fuck? This is True Blood, where’s the titties?