True Blood "And when I die" 9/11 season finale *spoilers*

Wow. Very tensely paced. Kept waiting for the other shoe to drop…

Well you all got your wish. Tara in the kitchen with the shot gun. I guess the writers didn’t know what to do with her any more. On the bright side, she can haunt Lafeyette.

Speaking of which I thought she was at his house. Or did they bring him to Sookies house? Even though Marnie left, I’m betting brujo-face is still a part of Lafeyette.

So who hid Jesus’ body?

Loved “I’m not a fucking puppy dog” and “gay stormtrooper”.

Pam’s despair and the barmaid’s attempt to comfort her. So was it Pam, Nan, or Newlin who rescued Russel?

I guess they are setting Sookie up to finally be with Alcide. For a minute there, I thought she was going to go ahead and have a threesome with Bill and Eric.

It was nice to see Gran. And disturbing to see René. But why the Cajun accent? That was established as fake. I’m wondering if it’s really Terry who’s trouble or his recently arrived war buddy.

RIP Tara, Jesus, Debbie, Nan, gay stormtroopers.

I loved Pam saying exactly what (most) everyone watching thinks about Sookie. It started with ‘gash in a sundress’ last episode but that whole scene tonight was delightful. It was fairy vagina and she made fun of her stupid name twice, right?

Did Erik say “gay stormtroopers” or “VLA (Vampire League of America) stormtroopers”?

I think the implication is that there is something troubling in Terry’s past that his recently arrived war buddy is going to bring to light.
“I liked you better when you were brain damaged.”

“What a bitch.”

Do True Blood werewolves need to be killed with silver bullets? Or does blowing their head off with a regular shotgun work too?

That was a great final episode of a crap season. They’re setting up next season to be a good one. I am so glad that Russel is back.

Can Eric or Bill get to Sookie’s in time to save Tara?

Bill killed a couple with his hands and fangs, so I’m guessing they’re killable like anything else mortal. Werewolves kinda suck ass compared to shifters in this universe. I knew it wouldn’t happen owing to the budget, but I kept waiting for Sam to shift into a grizzly or a lion and take out all those wolves.

I literally cheered out loud when the back of Tara’s head got blown off.

This is what I’m worried about. Sookie is calling for help, so no doubt one or both of them will be there in a flash. I’m afraid they’ll wind up turning her into a vampire to save her and then she’ll be even harder to kill.

I thought perhaps Russell would show up at Sookie’s house right at the end of the episode.

Well it is good to know that this entire season of suckage wrapped up with:

a.) Tara dead. (Ding-Dong the witch is dead!)
b.) Russell being back. (Faaaaannn-tastic!)
c.) Bill as King of Louisiana (Russell will most definitely object!)
d.) Some kind of splinter in the AVL and/or in the Authority. (Such a rich subject to explore)

Other than the set-up for next season and Tara being hopefully most truly dead, this season sucked horribly.


It was funny when Hoyt asked Jason about how he could sleep with Jessica, to which Jason replied, “Missionary, then doggy style, then her on top.” He’s such an idiot.

I am going to miss Nan Flannigan more than Tara, I just loved Nan. She was a nasty bitter piece of work, but small doses of Nan always brought a scene to life. I thought it was intriguing she said she got fired from the AVL by The Authority and was trying to recruit Eric and Bill for a mutiny. The mystery of The Authority interests me more than idiot Jason and Jessica (but didn’t Jessica look particularly gorgeous in her costume last night?). And I will miss Jesus, but happiness for Lafayette (and Tara) isn’t meant to be. And I loved loved loved Pam’s scene, the poor bitch all broken-hearted and comforted by her assistant, that was a great scene… Russell coming back and Newlin as a vampire, for next season? Can’t. hardly. wait.

Really? I found it insanely, inanely, ploddingly dull. Other than Gran reaching down Lafayette’s throat and snatching Marnie out by the hair, and Pam saying exactly what I think about Suckie, both of which were awesomely entertaining, but certainly not tense. Once the whole evil witch ghost thing was resolved (by the other ghosts giving her a good talking-to, no less) halfway through, what was left to wonder about?

Well Lafayette SHOULD have some major psych trauma to deal with next season, but they will probably just put him back in the kitchen at Merlotte’s. In reality Sookie would be a blabbering mess.

I like the show, but I think I am getting tired of it, for some reason.

That’s what I was thinking too. A pissed-off vampire Tara. It could work.

I too thought Sookie was going to choose both Eric and Bill. They seem ok with it. Go for it girlfriend! But no, she walks away from both of them. So what if it’s trouble, trouble and more trouble. What else do you have to do with your time?

Mrs. Fortenberry was very touching at Tommy’s funeral.

I will miss Nan. She was always a hoot.

Russell Edgington is back. Hooray!

Steve Newlin is now a vampire. All kinds of awesome. Can’t wait to see how addresses that issue, lol.

Poor Pam. Crystal is so loyal.

I’m still wondering how our two strong, clever vampire heroes got themselves chained, back to back, at the auto-da-fe. Bickering and bleating “Sookie!” and not summoning their progeny for help.

I thought she looked particularly gorgeous out of her costume last night!

It was Halloween, what the chances Newlin just had a kickass set of fake vampire fangs for a costume?

Yeah, probably not, but it would be funny, everyone assuming he’s a vampire but he’s not.

The ploddingness is what made it tense. Have you seen previous season’s finales? If not, it wouldn’t have the same effect.

They tend to wrap up the big bad fairly early, have a little bit of epilogue happiness, and then set up some cliffhangers for next season.

So during every slow happy scene, you’re wondering whether it’s an epilogue scene you can relax and enjoy, or a scene that’s starting out happy just to have contrast with it’s soon to be tragic cliffhanger.

But if you weren’t aware of that pattern, it might just seem slow.