"True Blood" S5E3 "Whatever I Am, You Made Me"

Maybe I missed an earlier thread about last night’s episode (if so, I apologize, mods). A question popped into my head a few minutes ago, though:

When Jessica smells the guy who came into the clothing store, and took off after him, I assume it was because he was a fairy, and she could smell the “richer” blood (or whatever it is that vampires smell in fairy blood). If so, how come she never acted like that around Sookie? How come no one could smell it on Sookie until season 3 or whenever it was?

Nice to see Andy being fleshed out some (though his ass isn’t the flesh I meant), instead of being a one-shot stereotype.

Wondering where the Terry story-line is going.

I don’t quite get all the hate for Tara. Yeah, she can be annoying. But Rutina Wesley is frickin’ gorgeous. I don’t think the “suicide” is gonna work. I think Pam’s gonna have to reign her in, though I don’t see her doing much until she talks to Eric again.

I hate Tara, have always hated Tara, and completely disagree with your opinion on Ms. Wesley - I don’t think she’s the least bit pretty. Terrible actress too. The sooner they get rid of that character the better.

Last night’s episode was more entertaining the first two of the season, but it still feels like a complete mess writing-wise. The Steve Newlin story is my favorite and is about the only thing I’m interested in with the show at this point.

I just wish True Blood was half as good as the opening credits for True Blood.

I assume he’s something different from Fairy. Something we haven’t yet seen. I’m going to call him a Cabbage Patch Kid for right now.

I hate Tara as well - and have never liked her. I do think she’s very pretty though. But I think it’s unfair to Rutina to say she’s untalented as an actress. This has been her first major role, and the writing for that role has been absolutely horrendous. I’d like to see her in something a bit more developed before casting judgment.

I don’t mind her either. I kind of feel bad for the actress. She (and to a lesser extent, the guy that plays Lafayette) is the only one that acts like any of the crazy violent stuff that happens in the series is real. Everyone else just shrugs it off and goes off to the next crazy thing, the woman that plays Tara at least tries to act somewhat believably. But with everyone else just non-chalantly going off to the next torture orgy, she ends up sounding whiny in comparison.

Personally, I think she’d make a better lead the Sookie.

Sookie is PART fairy, not enough to drive the vamps crazy, but that’s why they are so attracted to her - as if she’s someone very special (much to Pam’s dismay!). Jason is also part fairy, though only Jessica the vamp and dozens of female humans are attracted to him. Which is odd, fairy blood is fairy blood. But maybe they are trying to keep the plot simple.

The credits actually solved this by revealing his name:

The credits called him “Fairy Claude”

We speculated that given the massive amount of supernatural creatures about there, it could be a troll or a will o the wisp. A leprechaun perhaps?

I wondered that too. Sookie is only one quarter fairy. Maybe this guy has more fairy blood. In actuality, it is probably lazy writing.

I’m not getting some of the Sanguanista stuff. So Nora (Eric’s sister) is a full fledged Sangua. The Authority suspect Bill and Eric of being so too but they haven’t shown any evidence of that, especially Bill who seems to have been a mainstreamer from Day 1 of when we entered the story. What is up with them? We know now that they met in 1905 when Bill had only been a vamp for about 40 years. Unless there is a big reveal, they aren’t Sanguas, they’re fuck-ups whose decision making powers go to shit when Sookie is involved.

Interesting contrast between Eric’s speech to Pam about the heavy responsibility of being a maker and her not giving a shit about Tara. I think Pam is being petulant because she thinks that her maker has abandoned her. Somehow I think that once again we haven’t seen the last of Tara.

I figured he was some sort of new creature, too, since there haven’t been any new “things” introduced yet this season.

Vampires - check!
Werewolves - check!
Maenad - check!
Shape shifters - check!
Werepanthers - check!
Medium - check!

Thankfully this week was a major improvement over the past two weeks.

Roman looks hot with his shirt off. Loved the interaction with Steve Newlin. Salome (que eye rolling) was a bit much, but whatever. Feeling bad for Pam and her issues with Eric. Lady sure knows how to hedge her bets. I got a good laugh when Pam realized Tara was in a tanning bed. The app for the heart stakes had me howling. The female Texan vampire is hysterical. I felt bad for Jason. What the heck is up with Hoyt?


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that is Claude!!???
hot as hell, male stripper, sex on a stick Claude? Of course we had Claudelle the fairy Godmother a few seasons back but seriously this is not Claude I expected.

I think Pam’s going to get a lot of shit from Erik for not following up with Tara, for letting her progeny run wild and not training her. And, as usual, Pam’s my favorite part of the show.

Jesus, what kind I’d direction does Rutina get?

“Okay, you’re angry. Again. Action!”

Is anyone else disappointed in The Authority as portrayed this season? It seems we’ve had all of these allusions and references to them through the past seasons and this great build-up/expectations and now… I’m just unimpressed.

And seriously, Newlin is the new Nan?!? Newlin couldn’t hold Nan’s panties!

No way they are going to off Tara so easily. Pam will come to her rescue.

Who was the tech who installed the heart stakes. I know I’ve seen her somewhere before and she was geeky there too but I didn’t hear her character name in the episode and my attempts to track down her identity have failed me.

she was in Big Love on HBO