"True Blood" S5E3 "Whatever I Am, You Made Me"

He is Claudett’s brother :

She also played Deb in Napoleon Dynamite, and Enola in Waterworld.

Pam and Tara being linked for all eternity could be funny. She could also turn all that anger inside into hunting down the Sanguanista. I can’t see her having a problem with killing off vamps who want to farm humans.

Wonder if she prepares for her role by reading message board threads about True Blood.

This is my thinking as well. Color me highly disappointed. Still, there is a good amount of male eye candy on the show so I can forgive.

I agree with the OP about the woman who plays Tara. I think she’s gorgeous.

She was also the geeky friend on Veronica Mars.

She also had a recurring role on Bones recently, as an FBI agent working with Booth.
Anyway, why does Tara need a tanning bed to go all crispy? Can’t she just pull a Godrick and sit on a roof waiting for the sun? Is she THAT impatient that she can’t wait a few hours to stop being what she hates most?

Why’d Eric need to turn Pam just because she slit her wrists? Just give her some blood and heal them and then glammor her into not doing that shit again. Either he wasn’t thinking straight or deep down he really wanted to turn her.

Surprised it’s just now Jason’s getting all introspective about his sex life instead of back when he was getting gang raped by werepanthers. Though I suppose given the timeline of the show maybe that was a week or so for him, lol. Scene with him and Jessica was nice, though.

Terry and Scott Foley’s storyline better being actually going somewhere interesting, because so far it’s just dragging on and doing jack squat.

The whole glamor thing just highlights weak writing. Vamps can’t enter a house unless they are invited but they can glamor you into inviting them in. Vamps open businesses to earn money but they can just glamor anyone into giving them money or for that matter into giving them anything they want.

Yeah, that is boring as can be. It better end up going somewhere interesting.

I think Erik admired human-Pam, and it was obvious she wasn’t afraid or overly-emotional about most things, and that’s a good trait for someone planning to live for what could be a very long time. I think he didn’t really have a problem with turning HER, but maybe just wasn’t ready to have kids, so to speak, so was pissy about the timing and manner, but…still thought she’d be a good vampire.

And he was right. :slight_smile: Though I can’t remember…has Pam turned a lot of people? I don’t get the impression she has, but surely Tara wasn’t her first. I just can’t imagine Pam with kids running around, lol.

Eh. Vampires running a centuries-old business as a long term and tax-compliant revenue source seems pretty logical to me.

The other thing that bugged me was that Pam seemed really knowledgeable in 1905 about how vampires operate and how to become one. In that universe, was that knowledge really available before the product True Blood came out?

I have no idea, but the fact that True Blood came out as a product at all indicates, to me anyway, that vampires had been common knowledge for quite some time. Usually takes a lot longer than necessary for the general population to acknowledge that being different is ok, much less accept it, much less something different that thinks you smell like dinner.

True Blood supposedly came out to be used for transfusions on humans and had the side benefit that it could be used as vampire food.

In a flashback a season or so ago Bill was in London (during the 70s punk area IIRC) and was approached by Nan. She told him that the brightest vampire minds were working on a synthetic blood substitute so they could mainstream.

In the books they talk about how in the past humans were much more likely (before scientific advances in the recent past) to believe in demons and vampires and the like. I’d say that according to our actual history that’s probably fairly true.

And now I feel pretty silly giving this much nitpicking thought to a fantasy tv show about the supernatural. :smack:

Dracula was published in 1897, so it’s possible. Not that a 1905 madame Pam would likely be an avid reader or anything, but it’s possible. After reading the Wiki page for Dracula, I learned there were several other vampire novels & stories published as early as 20 years prior to that one. So I think the mythology would be somewhat common knowledge by 1905.

I was under the impression her knowledge came from the vampire customers to her brothel and from talking to Eric.

She never acted like that around Sookie because Sookie isnt a full Fairy. The guy Jessica smelled was Claude, the full fairy, from when Sookie went to the fairy world. He was the one who helped her and her grandfather escape