True Blood 7/15 In The Name Of My Ass [Hopeless]

Okay, I really just started the thread because I wanted to make that the title.


First off, why didn’t whatshisface die like a normal vampire with a big jello’y explosion?

Secondly, did anyone notice what appeared to be a cameo from either Leslie Jordan (Beverly Leslie) or John Mahoney (Martin Crane) at the Fairy Night Club? I rewound it a couple of times, but I couldn’t tell. Neither of them have the show listed on their IMDB page. But it happens when Sookie and Jason go to the club together. Right after Hoyt is picked up by the Obamas, they cut back to the club, pan off the stage and there’s a couple of dancers playing with a guy that looks very similar to Martin Crane. Of course, now that I look at it closer…maybe not.

So, why do Hoyt’s friends now about the shifters?

Lastly, I was kinda hoping they would kill Russell. As much as I like his character, he never seemed like a fair match. He’s always been miles ahead of everyone else. Kind of a Dues Ex Machina with the broken app. But I suppose with all the work they’ve put into his storyline, they’re not just going to kill him after they finally found him.

Because whatsisface is being played by Chris Meloni and NO WAY are they just going to off him this early in the season. He is going to survive the staking somehow, someway. Perhaps he’ll bite the wooden bullet in the final episode, but some kind of voodoo mojo will be worked to keep him from meeting the true death this episode or next.

It wasn’t Dues Ex, unless you count Salome as a God. Because it’s totally Salome behind the scenes helping Russell.
I mean, it’s not spoiled because, since I haven’t read anything about it and I’m just going on an assumption, it’s not technically a spoiler. But c’mon. I’d be more shocked at this point if it wasn’t her plotting it all.

They played one of my favorite songs at the fairy nightclub - Galactic & Lyrics Born “I Got It (What You Need).” Awesome!

Is Hoyt’s ‘Gay Flintstone’* look a popular look now or just something the producers cooked up?

Has it said [on the show] who Hunter’s father is and why the kid needs protecting?

I wonder if we’ll see Barry the Bellman in the club.

Why was the guy at the “Kill the Vamps” store going to kill Andy? That’s a rather drastic and stupid thing to do considering a sheriff would be about the hardest possible body/car to dispose of and it would probably take 3 minutes to figure out where he disappeared.

Terry disappearing til the Ifrit thing blows over is a great idea, and considering that an Ifrit can live for thousands of years he should plan on staying gone for the rest of the show. I suggest he tae Lafayette’s mom and Sam’s girlfriend and her wolf cub with him so that they can keep each other safe.

*His gay Flinstone name would likely be Rock Bottom from the look of it

Also, is it just me, or does the kid’s “wolf” form look a whole lot more like a Husky puppy than an actual wolf cub?

Sampiro–thankee so much for your “gay Flintstone”! It’s barely Monday morning but I’m fairly certain this will be the funniest thing I’ll come across all week …

Are there other Raising Hope/Earl actors who’ve now shown up on True Blood, in addition to the gun dealer and Patti the Daytime Hooker??

Dunno who the father is, but all faeries seem to need to be protected, as they’re delicious.

This annoys me - how did Barry last a single day in that vampire hotel before being sucked dry? Surely there had to be one asshole vampire that went around tasting everyone, and wouldn’t have been able to stop with some sweet, sweet faerie blood.

He wasn’t, he was going to kill Sam. Sam just deflected a murder charge by telling Andy that the cashier was actually going for him.


I don’t think we’ve ever seen Hunter’s father but he’s in the picture. Back when Hadley was shacking up with Sophie Anne, she obviously wasn’t raising him. I’m fairly sure he was living with his dad because one day Hadley snuck him out of daycare without the kid’s father knowing and brought him to see Sookie at some aquarium. She asked Sookie to see if Hunter can read minds too, so he and Sookie went to look at the fish and had an entire conversation with each other in their heads.

Sookie signaled to Hadley that Hunter can read minds and Hadley flipped out and grabbed him and got him the hell out of there saying that if the vampires found out they’d nab him for themselves so they could use his gift. She told Sookie she had some friends he could go stay with but wouldn’t tell her anything else.

Whether she sent Hunter to go live in fairyland at that time, I don’t know – I doubt it as I doubt Hadley was aware of the whole fairy thing at the time.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering … could Salome actually BE Lilith?

:smack:Thank you!!! It’s been driving me crazier, trying to remember where I’ve seen that guy.

Loving the Gay Flintstone thing! I mean the term, not the look. Poor Hoyt.

Liking the Tara/Pam/Jess interactions; I sense a Charlie’s Angels dynamic in the future! Or maybe I’m just hoping. Anything is better than whiney vamps.

Meloni definitely needs to stick around; he’s the only competant foil for Edgington. Hell, when Meloni was getting ready to execute Russell, and was strutting around, I have expected them to start having angry vamp sex right there! Ok, again, probably just hoping. :wink:

And yeah, the wolf puppy was obviously a malamute pup or something. So terribly cute though!

And I also got the vibe that maybe Salome was Lillith, too. There’s something I didn’t catch from Erik’s interaction with his sister in the cell; it’s like he thought ‘omg she released him!’ and then…? Did he suddenly realize that if she didn’t do it, then it must have been Salome? It wasn’t clear.

Another vote for “gay Flintstone” comment. Keep 'em coming, Sampiro!

This “Authority” is the worst excuse for an “Authority” everrrrrrrr! Maybe Eric and Bill will take over.

Never heard it before, but was wondering what it was, now I don’t need to go searching, thanks!

Yeah, I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a subtle clue that she’s really a shifter, or just the old “wolves are harder to work with” thing that Game of Thrones had going on (at least season 1, I haven’t seen most of season 2 yet)

How did Hadley last so long working for the freakin vampire queen? Just luck, I guess. Are fairies lucky or is that just leprechauns?

I’ve had the same thought. I wonder if that’s supposed to be a big twist, since they already make it pretty obvious that she was actually helping Russel. Unless there’s a really major twist and the Cougar Town authority woman is really the one Alcide’s employee saw.

Those I-Crosses are pretty dumb, if no one’s said it before. Surprised Bill and Eric never had the bright idea to slip a metal plate in there between their chest and the instastake.

Is this two weeks in a row without the Rev? Well, other than his defaced standee in the weapons shop anyway. Too bad, he’s a much more interesting character than Terry.