True Blood 7/26/09 OPEN SPOILERS

What’s missing in this show? I think the writers are laughing at us for taking it seriously.

The show needs an adult, an authority figure of sorts – somebody like Bobby from Supernatural, or one of Stephen King’s “magical negroes”, somebody who knows things!

The actress who played Lorena was awful. Bill can’t menace (or sing). Jessica has apparently been tamed. Eggs finding the sacrificial rock was lame. Sarah’s response to her husband’s criminal behavior was to seduce Jason. Who is Lafayette supposed to sell V to, and why?

The only part I liked was Terry comforting Lafayette, but the scene was so out of the blue, it was hard to appreciate it.

And why does Eric want to prevent Bill from rescuing Sookie? So he can do it? If she’s so special, why contribute to putting her in danger?

Makes no sense.

I’ve been watching this show because it was recommended by a friend. Here’s something I’ve had to remember while watching it.

Nobody reacts (or acts) in a sensible manner. They don’t act in a consistent manner. They only act as writer props.They are all just there to move the plot from point A to B.

It’s easily the more horribly written nonsensical show I’ve ever seen. I’ve learned not to stress over the plot holes (or I’d go crazy). I honestly don’t understand how this show has won awards.

It was interesting to find out Daphne was the pig, and she was setting up Sam. I knew something was not right about that whole situation. I didn’t know that shifters could change into multiple different animals. Does this mean Sam could turn into a lion or a bat or whatever? I hope so, because otherwise, how’s he going to get out of that one?

Do we know how Bill and Lorena had their falling out and Bill turned good? That scene was pretty gross. Bill has really changed, and I hope we’re told why.

I’m guessing Eric wants Sookie for himself, but as Auntie Pam points out, letting her die because Bill is preoccupied is counter productive. Perhaps he plans a dramatic rescue of her and Godrick in one fell swoop? What are his plans for Lafayette? Poor thing was scared half to death. I agree, that scene with Terry was great. I think Terry has PTSD and recognized the symptoms in Lafayette, and was sharing his coping techniques with his friend. It was sweet.

How did the Reverend know that Sookie was a spy?

It was rather amusing to discover that Sookie never considered that she was going to age and Bill wasn’t, and that might be an impediment to their future relationship. She really is not all that bright, is she?

Yes, this show is utter trash, but it’s pretty entertaining. Everything that AuntiePam says about it is true, but… yeah, still watching.

Hi All-

I think that Eric does want Sookie for himself and by rescuing her, he’s got an in if she’s hurt to offer her some blood. Plus, Bill keeps resisting the plans they have and could possible cause a problem if he thinks there is too much risk for Sookie.

I was a little disappointed when they showed Jessica pouring the Tru Blood down the sink- I thought she was going to go on her own “hunt” but instead the boyfriend showed up which was sweet but very tame. I keep expecting it to be an issue, since she is so new to being a vampire, that she would have a hard time controlling her appetite.

Was I right in thinking Sarah did not know about Sookie- there were so many thoughts going around, I thought I heard her think that showing them the vampire would scare the young couple away and she looked surprised when she realized her husband had planned all along to ambush Sookie & Hugh.

I hope Alcide shows up soon, if they do it right we will have one more Supe to drool over besides Eric and Sam (Bill is just lame IMHO).

As far as Bill “turning” good, I think you can’t underestimate the control a Maker has on the vampire they made. With the ability to command the person, and everything being so new to them, there is probably a point where Bill, who seemed to be a good person before he turned, had to say “this is what I am now” and that might be why he is so enthusiatic about mainstreaming now. He mentions how lucky he thinks Jessica is to be turned when Tru Blood was available and she does not have to be a monster unless she chooses too.

She knew. At the same time her husband started thinking about Sookie not being a Christian, Sarah was thinking that Sookie was probably an innocent who was being forced to help the vampires.

The implication seems to be that one of Godrick’s nest is in cahoots with the Church. Someone tipped them off about Sookie and Bill’s flight, and then about Sookie going to the compound.

Very weak episode for me. Really hope that the whole Maryann story will be over at the end of this season.

The character of Eggs doesn’t make a ton of sense to me – he’s supposed to have been with Maryann for a long time, right? A year or two, anyway? But he is somehow innocent of her group’s cult behavior. He seemed genuinely surprised to find all the people going at it in the woods, which doesn’t jibe.

So Maryann has an alternate form with claws, but her horns were just a mask? :confused:

I love Terry. He’s the only character who seems to act consistently and sanely.

Darkhold, exactly!

That scene only made sense if Bill is going to check the fridge to make sure she’s drinking Tru Blood and not ordering from the menu. Bill’s not gonna do that.

Why are the vamps suddenly all ashy and gray? That’s some awful makeup.

I’ll keep watching, but I don’t know why. This is really bad storytelling.

Sam said he can change into different animals when he “came out” to Sookie, and that the dog is his go-to animal.

Cursed by Gypsies?

I’m a big fan of sex and nudity, but this show has some really gross scenes. There have been three distinct scenes that have truly repulsed me:

  1. Season 1, when Bill crawls out of a grave directly into Sookie’s cooter. I mean, it was almost one continuous motion from buried in the ground to grabbing her leg to pulling her down to sliding up inside her. It was fucking gross. (He had buried himself to stay out of the sun, I guess.)

  2. Season 2 opener, while having sex Bill feeds on Sookie’s neck and then starts making out with her, (her own) blood pouring into her mouth. Ick. Wouldn’t that make you involuntarily vomit?

  3. This episode, where the bed was basically a hot tub of murder-victim blood. Quite an unappealing (and unsanitary!) lubricant.

So in short you don’t like the show?

So why doesn’t he just turn into a bird or a bat or a bee and just fly away when Maryann’s goons grab him? Maybe he will. If so, Maryann is pretty dumb for capturing him as she did.


Maybe I’m just all queasy these days, but I totally agree with you on your list of 3 most unappetizing scenes, especially about this last episode. Maybe they are trying to emphasize how bestial the vamps are. Sookie likes it dirty and blood too, I guess. I wonder what she’d think if she knew what Bill used to be like. That’s some pretty serious vileness, and there better be a fantastic and plausible reason why he would have changed so radically.

She wasn’t going out to hunt, she was going to order from room service and wanted to hide it. Didn’t you ever poor water in your parents vodka?

Yes, I think she was surprised. Obviously her husband had reliable intel.

Am I the only one who thinks that Godrik is actually in control of the situation and is planning to fuck up the Fellowship in a big way?

I like the concept and I think the characters can be interesting, but I think this season, the story has been told very poorly. I can’t figure if it’s because they have too much story and not enough time, or too much time and not enough story.

Funny, I am enjoying this season far more than the last. I like the action/adventure intrigue better than the small town soap opera. I think Maryann is one of the best things about the show though, and everyone else seems to hate her.

Oh, and it’s blindingly obvious why Eggs doesn’t know about Maryann’s cult. The cult is really just her and Carlo. Eggs has been involved in the orgies with the black eyes and doesn’t remember a thing. That’s why he remembered being at that spot, but not why he was there. He was clearly involved in her prior human sacrifice but was magicked up.

The one in cahoots? The one that accompanied Sookie - Hugh? Something about the way he was repeating things in his head when he met Sookie - Now, wether or not he could keep that up or not is a different question, but right then - seemed he was trying to block her (he knew why she was there).

I think it’s probably some of both, honestly. The second book was pretty damn weak, especially the secondary storyline that happens in Bon Temps. That part is very much a case of not enough story for the time, which is why they’ve built up around it so much that it’s become rather tedious. (Though I would argue that it’s not nearly as tedious or stooopit as the version in the book.) It’s probably part of the reason they’re bringing in parts of the third book already.

All the storylines that have been built from the ground up for the show are cool, but there’s a lot of them and that makes for a lot of ground to cover. Those parts are getting developed to the point where it’s becoming too much story for the time.

Or was obsessively in love with the woman he was claiming to be obsessively in love with. I thought her response to whether or not she loved him was rather tepid.

My assumption is that the loss of that exec sent HBO directly into the shitter, to the point where they are about on par with TNT. Er, whatever network has the Mary McCormick witness protection show. That’s HBO’s level. They can only dream of getting back to an AMC level; I think the Showtime level is well and truly out of reach. Given that, True Blood is pretty darn good. (Now that I think about it, I might put AMC over Showtime in pure quality, but they only have two shows. Showtime has a stable of shows.)

Seriously, True Blood and Hung? While Showtime is coming up with shows like Nurse Jackie? Speaking of which, anyone notice how Showtime casting seems to require poaching at least one actor from an HBO series?

Dexter – Dexter was a main character on Six Feet Under
Californication – The agent and his wife are Charlotte’s husband from Sex and the City and wife from Lucky Louie
Nurse Jackie – Carmelo Soprano, of course.
United States of Tara – The husband was one of Carrie’s boyfriends on Sex and the City. (Furniture maker?)
Weeds – Nancy and her BIL were on that AIDS miniseries. (Angels…something?) Okay, that one’s weak but still.
Inside the NFL – Instead of taking the talent they took the whole damn show.
Tracey Ullman – This time they took both the show and the talent.

I’ll bet there’s a pitch meeting going on right now for an on-the-lam buddy comedy starring the actors who played Titus Pullo and Dan Dorrity, who end up in a love triangle with Melissa George. (Laura from In Treatment.)

Are you honestly saying that Showtime is better than HBO? Like with a straight face and everything? HBO is truly the pinnacle of Television, Showtime is a distant second. Showtime has Dexter, the Tudors and what else? Weeds is horrifyingly painful to watch pretty much. Nurse Jackie is good, but it’s not mindblowing. It’s kind of hamfisted really. Hung is kind of on a lower level precisely because it seems like it belongs on Showtime. A show that’s supposed to be a comedy but really has a lot of potential to be really depressing like Nurse Jackie and Weeds. United States of Tara has a similar problem. Californication’s first season was great, it ended on a great note. I haven’t watched further because well it could only go downhill from there. You know it’s going to do what Weeds did and just delve into more and more depravity and become just depressing and not very funny at all.

Dexter and the Tudors are the only things Showtime has that can compete with HBO for quality.

I don’t know what people are expecting from True Blood, it delivers on precisely what it promises.

I thought Jessica opened up the bottles of True Blood and poured them down the sink simply to waste $90 because she was in a snit.

I’m definitely enjoying things, although I feel like they’re being dragged out way more than necessary. Did it really need to take 3 episodes to go from “Sookie will be going to Texas to infiltrate the church” to “Sookie finally gets to the church, and then wham, cliffhanger, see you next week suckers”?