True Blood 11/16/08 -- OPEN SPOILERS

Despite the predictability of a lot of this episode, it was pretty satisfying. It would have been more satisfying without Sookie and Sam, but there ya go.

Apparently the woman who bailed Tara out of jail is the naked woman with the pig from last week’s episode. Is there any mythology about naked women who hang out with pigs?

Glad to see the last of Amy but disappointed in Sam, but I’ve been disappointed in Sam all season. It’s good that he asked to be locked up, even though his concern for others is out of character.

Jessica was a hoot. So was Pam. And Terry: “I can’t watch politics. It gives me seizures.”

Sookie was kind of a big old bitch. Bill leaves to deal with “vampire politics” and she simpers, “If vampire politics are more important than ME, then I’m going to make out with Sam and then, when Bill gets upset, kick him out with nary a word spoken!” Really, she gave up on their luuuuuuuuv after what, 3 days of waiting? She is really a piece of work. She doesn’t deserve Bill or Sam, frankly.

OK, you guys were right: Rene is the killer. I expect a showdown next week.

I too am wondering who Maryann the piglady is. Something creepy, I’m sure.

You mean Jason, right?

It sucks that it’s Rene because I love his accent and he seemed nice. I’m really just grateful that it isn’t Lafayette. I loves me some Lafayette.

Count me as another to see the last of Amy, especially after she killed Eddie :frowning: I was really hoping that Jason was going to set him free.

This has quickly become my favorite show right now and there’s only one more episode. twitch

Now I just have Dexter while I wait for Big Love.

He seems to be talking in Hawaiian Pidgin.

Wow, this show is really hitting its stride now. I thought the first nine episodes ranged from fair to good, but last week was a pure thrill and tonight’s episode was even better. I loved the scenes with Bill and Jessica. So dark and humorous at the same time and it was fascinating to see Bill mentoring a new vamp.

I was happy to see Jason’s new girlfriend get offed; she was just evil and I really liked the Stephen Root vamp that she was so cruel to.

Sookie is something else, though. I can’t decide if she’s really complex or just badly written. Definitely an ungrateful brat tonight, but Anna Paquin has the sexiest legs of any actress on television.

I can’t wait for next week, but I hope HBO doesn’t make us wait a ridiculously long time for season two.

I’m just the opposite - I liked the first half of the season better. Sookie gets harder and harder to sympathize with. In fact, all of the characters are getting on my nerves now, except for Lafayette and the sheriff. I’m glad the show will be over before it gets any worse.

I hated the thing with Bill and the new vampire. Hated it.

I really liked Eddie. He was the first character to make Jason seem like a somewhat likable human being. I wanted him to be free. :frowning:

Amy died way more peacefully than she deserved. Strangulation isn’t exactly peaceful but she was high and thought she was in a big green field, so what did she know? I was really hoping a vampire would get to kill her.

I’m glad Amy was killed, but yeah, I wanted to see her get it by a Vampire she wronged in the past or something. Also, I knew Rene was the killer all along, just by the way they brought him into the show more and more.

I think Sookie is a fickle bitch that deserves neither Sam or Bill. Sure she’s been under a lot of stress, but she is just down right rude to everyone she talks to in her life. The way she said “Bill’s problems must be more important than her” (even though he killed that vampire to save her life) while he is out trying to beat a murder rap is more selfish than anything I’ve ever seen. I was like, “what a fuckin BITCH !!”

Tara, man, don’t even get me started on this bitch. What a nasty, rude little hussie. I think she’s the best actor on the show though, just because I hate her more than any other character on the show. The way she talks to people is just…wow, I’m surprised she doesn’t get smacked in the face more often. But one thing, she is right about the way her mom treated her in the jail. She is only sober now because of Tara. Hell, it sounds like she’s only ALIVE because of Tara.

Overall, this show is great, I’m loving it. I hope to see Rene get what’s coming to him and Bill either tell Sookie to shove it or I hope they get back together. I hate when shows drag shit (like breakups) out forever.

I wanted Jessica off the screen every time I saw her (so screechy!) but I liked that the writers didn’t go for the New Vampire cliche. Seems like every episode there’s something that doesn’t match the tone of the show, and this week it was Jessica. But I’m not sure the show has a tone – some stuff is just jangly.

So Sookie and Sam kiss just so Bill can go postal and Sookie can kick him out, which means that if Rene comes after Sookie in her house, Bill will rush to her rescue and not be able to come inside the house.

I’m surprised that revoking the invitation has real power. Does it work that way in other vampire lore?

I am seriously ready for Sam to kick Bill’s ass (“Hey, asshole- I can grow my teeth, too!”). Sam’s the only likeable character in the show, as far as I’m concerned.

I think this is the only vampire universe I’ve come across where you can revoke the invitation so easily. In Buffy they had to do a spell to revoke it.

I thought that Tara would, out of anger and spite, tell her mother that the exorcism was fake. But I don’t think her mother would believe her. And I suspect that her mother’s exorcism wasn’t fake, even though the “witch” was a fake.

How could her mother’s exorcism not be fake?

I was surprised at this too. It says something about Tara that she didn’t burst mom’s bubble – unless the writers just didn’t think of it.

I enjoyed this episode b/c we got more Pam. Loved her 80’s suburban outfit. Don’t expect to fully be satisfied w/Sookie and Sam’s relationship if you don’t like the way it is now. Told you guys they’d kill off Amy (she wasn’t in the books) and I’m glad she is gone. In the books, the revoking powers actually work much faster and the vamps are sort of sucked out of the house.

Question about the books: is Sookie this much of a narcissistic, vapid bitch in the books? She started off sympathetic but it seems that all this love from supernatural beings has gone to her head. I have much more sympathy for and affection towards Tara than I do towards Sookie. I like Sam, but the way she treated Bill in this last eo was unconscionable and has destroyed what liking I had for that character.

Oh yeah the naked woman w/the pig is a character I believe that was taken from book two. I was sort of surprised to see her so early on and b/c in the books she first appears to Sookie. At first I thought she may have been another supernatural character from the books who is actually a good person. But when she said her name in this episode, I realized it was not the good character, but the evil one. The evil one in the books did not have a name. Did that make sense? :slight_smile:

Rubystreak to answer your question about the books, No. I much prefer the Sookie in the books to the True Blood Sookie. Of course that’s IMHO and as always YMMV.

This is how I felt after watching last night’s episode. What a bitch. As others have said, she doesn’t deserve either Sam or Bill. I found her to be shallow in the book but she wasn’t completely self-centered. I don’t know if the writers are intending to have their main heroine coming across so unlikeable but to be honest, I don’t really care if she gets killed or not.

Bill should forget Sookie, go back and show formerly repressed red-headed Jessica all about life outside of boundaries.

I thought for sure that Jason would let Eddie go and that would cause a big thing with Amy and maybe Eddie would have to kill her. When she killed him I actually screamed.