True Blood--How to become a vampire?

Anybody else watching True Blood on HBO? **Spoilers ahead **if you’re behind.

One thing that my wife and I can’t figure out is how one becomes a vampire. (If you haven’t seen the show, the “friendly” vampire tells his paramour that certain elements of traditional vampire lore are BS, like not being able to see vampires in mirrors and vampires being harmed by holy water, crucifixes, or garlic. So, True Blood is essentially its own thing as far as the “vampire rules” go.)

So far, Sookie has both drank Bill’s blood and had Bill drink her blood, and she’s not a vampire. They didn’t really show what exactly happened when Bill became a vampire.

So, what do you think?

Check that thread out. It has a few posts on the subject.

I thought they did show how Bill became a vampire. Some chick drank his blood and turned him.

I just assume that vampires can choose who they want to turn. They can drink either a little blood, all your blood (and kill you), or somehow drink enough to turn you into a vampire.

Since the show is based on a book, someone who has read it should come by and explain soon enough. Though from what I’ve seen so far it doesn’t look different from the standard lore.

Edit: OK. Apparently it is a good idea to read the links in the posts before you. Vampire needs to drink all your blood and then you drink some of his.