"True Blood" question

I’m kind of enjoying this series. Not great TV, but it has its moments.

Question: Have they explained how one becomes a Vampire? It’s pretty clear that just a bite to the neck doesn’t do it. We saw when Bill became a vampire, but it wasn’t clear what was done to him to turn him into a Vampire (or I missed it).

They vampire needs to nearly drain you then have you drink the vampire’s blood.

Do you remember when they explained that?

IIRC it was when Bill became a vampire. She woke him up and said “Drink or you will die.”

**Xan’s **right about how it happens, but I’m not sure if they’ve explained it in the series or not. Was it explained completely in the the episode when they show who turned Bill? Or was if just sort of implied? It was explained in the books, but I can’t remember if it was in book 1 (what you are seeing now on True Blood) or if it was in book 2? ON EDIT: Thanks for remembering Morbo!

IIRC, when Bill was feeding Sookie his blood to heal her after she was beaten by the drug dealers, she was afraid that it would turn her into a vampire, but he explained why it wouldn’t.

I’ve just started listening to the unabridged audio book version of Dead Until Dark, so I’ll clarify a few things from the book perspective.

When Bill feeds Sookie to heal her, she says she doesn’t want to be a vampire. He tells her it won’t turn her, but doesn’t give any more explanation then. A day (night?) or two later after Bill meets Sookie’s grandma, Sookie asks him how you become a vampire. He says that you need to have all your blood drained in one feeding, or over a couple of nights. You then drink from the vampire. You’ll appear dead for a few days, then wake up “hungry”. Bill also says it’s possible for people who are fed from repeatedly and deeply to become vampires.