True Blood returns June 13th. Have you read "Club Dead" yet?

In case anyone missed it, HBO announced the season three primere date this week: June 13th. That gives people plenty of time to read the third book, Club Dead, if you’re so inclined.

Feel free to speculate about season three in this thread, but put any actual spoilers - including casting ones - in spoiler boxes, please. Ditto for book spoilers too, given some people do want to be surprised.

And in that vein, I’ll post something spoiler-y in the next post so it doesn’t come through on mouseover.

Right now, before season three begins, I’d like to predict what the very last scene in the finale will be this season.

[spoiler]Given that season one ended with the first chapter of book two, and season two end with a scene kind of sort of drawn from an early chapter in book three, I predict that the last scene will be:

Sookie driving home at night in time to see a mostly naked vampire that I’m not naming now wandering down the road.[/spoiler]

I’m thinking odds are at least 95% that I hit the mark :smiley:

I’m glad I didn’t read your spoiler! I’ve only read the first book, because honestly I want everything in the show to be a surprise. Do you feel that reading the books have changed how much you enjoy the show signficiantly either way?

It’s departed a bit from the book already. No sense in me making any guesses.

I still haven’t read the 9th book and, I guess she’s due for the 10th book this May.

I enjoy seeing what’s been kept the same as the book, and what they’ve changed, so yes.

So…anyone pick the book up yet? :slight_smile:

Well, everyone knows that I was wrong by now :frowning: But that scene IS in this new preview for season 4…so I was off by an episode.
Your next reading assignment is “Dead To The World.”

Oh man, zombie thread. Maybe title should be changed now so people don’t think the NEXT season starts the UPCOMING June 13th?

Yeah, I got excited, then disappointed when I saw it was a zombie. Then excited when I saw elfkin477’s post, then disappointed all over again at the word “shirtless.” :wink:

Season 4 is supposed to start June 12th according to everything I’ve read, so people won’t be badly lead astray.