True Blood season finale (open spoilers)

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That was satisfying. It was easy to figure that Sam would use his shape-shifting to save himself, but I had no clue that he was the bull until he forked MaryAnne. Very satisfying.

Why is the queen forcing Eric to sell V? Does she just need the money?

I didn’t like Sookie ordering Bill to take care of MaryAnne’s body. The guy could barely walk and she’s telling him to grab a shovel?

I liked the setup for season three- looks like it will be one of my favorite storylines from the books. I was very “meh” about the whole Maryanne ending (too bad it was 95% of the finale). I guess, like many, I was over her a long time ago too.

Question for which I couldn’t find the answer on IMDb: Who the heck did Charlaine Harris play?? I FF’d again through the whole episode and did not see anyone that I thought was her.

I thought the meeting of MaryAnne and that gorgeous white Brahma bull was just beautiful to see (pre-goring, that is). It was a scene right out of classic mythology.

Was she one of the Mountain Dew conspiracy ladies at Merlot’s?

I’m glad Eggs is dead. Fuck that guy. I actually flipped off my screen when Tara was screaming over him.

It was an interesting finale in that they wrapped up the Mary-Ann conflict about thirty five minutes into the episode and left the rest for fallout.

Since the black eye thing worked on Jason, does that mean he’s not Sookie’s biological brother?

Could be that her mind reading powers were what prevented bamboozling - not her bloodline.

I figured that out right away, but I failed to think of how Sam could have gotten unkilled :smack:

What I don’t get is how Sam turned into the bull without imprinting first like he usually has to.

I was actually surprised by how quickly they wrapped that up and how long the epilogue/prologue lasted. I think the MaryAnne ending would have worked better if they had skipped Sookie breaking the egg and knocking over the tree and went straight to Sam pretending to be the God that Comes.

She was the woman at the bar counter who says “I never thought anything like that would happen here”.

Heh. I kind of like Eggs, but when that happened I could sense a great disturbance in the force, a sense that thousands of straightdope posters were jumping out of their seats and cheering loudly. Or maybe it was just indigestion. In any case, at least he’s not around for people to bitch about lol. I wonder if his death was partially audience feedback related. Sucks for Jason though…

That’s what I was thinking. Well not that, but just wondering why that happened.

I also thought it was interesting that there was the whole issue of Sookie’s humanity, then they asked her if she ever felt anyone watching out for her, and she flashbacked to the scene in the first episode that everyone here was debating about, that was explained by a deleted scene…

Not that I don’t mind seeing Eggs go away, but how is Andy going to explain shooting someone in the back of the head as self defense? Normally police would shoot someone in the limbs or torso if they need to stop them. I think Andy is going to get into some serious trouble about it next season, and Jason will probably end up confessing eventually.

Well, in one of the earlier episodes Daphne told Sam that Maryanne’s powers don’t work on “supernaturals,” so wouldn’t that mean that Jason isn’t part fairy like Sookie is?

Great episode (just finished the whole thing) and I really enjoyed seeing the vampire queen again. My only gripe is not enough Jessica. They’ve already laid the groundwork for some interesting stories for next season (Jessica feeding off of unwilling humans, Bill’s abduction, Eric’s rivalry with Bill heating up, Sam looking for his biological parents, Sookie perhaps learning more about what she is) and thank God Egg’s is gone.

I think the problem people have with Maryanne is that her story was dragged too slowly. From her first appearance to her death, she shouldn’t have been in more than eight episodes and instead, counting last season, she was in 13 or 14. Too much screen time was wasted on her before it was even revealed that she was a maenad. Lost does a fantastic job of dishing out information in small doses while keeping the audience interested, but Maryanne just wasn’t interesting enough while she was just some lady that threw a lot of parties.

Sam turning into a bull to kill her was fantastic and I’m glad that he killed her himself and not Bill or anyone else.

Now the wait for season three will be hell, but hopefully it’ll be brief like last time (by HBO standards). Two more weeks till Dexter!

Too late to edit my previous thread, but I forgot to say that this episode had two fantastic lines, but Jason’s clearly wins:

Sookie: “I’m a waitress, what the fuck are you?”

Jason: “It’s like if a tree falls in the woods, it’s still a tree, ain’t it?”

What was in the deleted scene? When I saw that, I wondered if she was telekinetic too, since it looked like the chains were being pulled on.

I also loved his movie lines as he was approaching the “wedding scene” (“say hello to my little friend”, something from a Schwartzenegger movie [I think?]), and then:

“I love the smell of nail polish in the morning!”

I loved that, too, because he so totally misquoted the line in the movie, which, IIRC, was from Apocalypse Now, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”

Nail polish, napalm. Same thing. :smiley:

Hmmm. I have a problem. I’m absolutely convinced that Bill’s unseen attacker/abductor is Eric. Eric told the Queen he’d “deal with Bill”. The hands holding the silver chain were gloved. No human would get the drop on an old vamp. It’s got to be Eric.

But I’m always wrong about TV show predictions. So who the hell *could *it be ?

They showed how just having drunk Eric’s blood once played a number of mind tricks on Sookie, and she’s more resistant than baseline humans. My guess : Queenie wants to mind control the junkie population of the whole area. Why ? Who the hell knows. But having an army that can fight in daylight would be pretty useful.

I suppose I’m in the minority, but I thought the finale was mostly pretty lame. The sacrifice scene overstepped into silliness, resolved itself a bit too quickly and conveniently considering the endless buildup, and was trailed by an oddly-placed 30+ minute anticlimax.

They did set up some potentially interesting developments for the next season, however. I just hope that if they plan another multi-episode story arc, they take more care to keep it interesting.

Both Pepper Mill and I immediately thought that the Brahmin Bull was Sam.
What I wanna know is – howcum, when Mary Ann has been virtually invulnerable so far, Sam can simply gore her to death? Even the vampires have been saying that she’s immortal because she believes she’s immortal, and that there’s no way to kill her. It seems as if all you have to do is get close enough to take her by surprise. Heck, a bomb could’ve done that.
Or is there some bull (hah!) about he she had to “open herself to the God” or something, making herself vulnerable?

Isn’t that what the queen said? That if MaryAnne believed it, it would be so? That’s how I took it.

I wasn’t surprised she got killed though; those mixed marriages never work (and it’s the demi-god maenad calves who suffer).

What I didn’t understand was why the bull horn killed her when bullets passed straight through her. Any ideas? (ETA: What Cal Meacham said.)

And evidently the egg was just an ostrich egg. A fresh one though. Finding a place that stocks those in Bon Temps must have been a bitch even for an immortal.

A very satisfying end of Maryanne I thought, building on the abilities and powers of Bill, Sookie (albeit unwittingly, I think), and Sam. My only regret was that Maryanne’s powers couldn’t have been tamed or controlled to direct the cleaning up and restoration of Sookie’s poor damn house.

I think we need to view the goring on a more metaphorical level. The sexual parallel was evident. I think it’s perfectly in keeping with everything we’ve seen in this show that Maryann was expecting and inviting her god to ravish her to death, and therefore she was vulnerable to that happening.

Bullets didn’t pass through her - she deflected them. If she could let this guard down (um, lower shields, Ensign?) to let her god in, she could theoretically get stabbed or whatever. Remember she let Bill bite her. And that set up the sex/penetration/attack thing too, with her giggling, “Oh yes, ravage me!”

Kobal2, being spoiled with the books, I’m pretty sure the person who grabbed Bill was Lorena. Not that they follow the books exactly, but it makes sense and sets up the main conflict from book 3, and they have been preserving that to some degree - Season 1 - Rene serial killing, Season 2 - FotS and Maenad, Season 3 - Bill gets kidnapped.

I like it, though I felt the pacing was a bit off. I’m willing to forgive that in exchange for them solving the plot of this season, rather than leaving us with a cliffhanger - I much prefer this show’s choice to resolve, then cliffhang us with something new.

The Queen was better this episode, so I have hopes she’ll continue to improve (“Heard about your maker . . . that blows.” :))

I like that they’re addressing things we point out as plot holes: the self tightening chain, how Eric and Bill could not be overheard by vampires nearby when discussing V, WTF is up with this egg? etc. The writers are using their brains!