True confessions....

Like many women, I am fickle when it comes to my love. I’ve been known to use one halfway, then walk away, abanding it like a half eaten cookie. There is no excuse for this, apart from the wanderings of my eyes…

I loved them at first… the smell, the slippery feel between my fingers, the new textures it gave me. But, like anything new, the novelty soon wore off, and I moved on to new things.

So, there they sit, in my shower, no fewer than 8 different types of shampoo, and a higher number of conditioner bottles. Each made my hair just as soft and silky, and yet I can’t commit to each one. Some clarify, some have extra moisture. Yet others promise greater volume, bigger curls…

I can’t seem to enter a Target without buying a new brand…like I did this morning. sigh Anyone want some slightly used bottles of shampoo?

I am a notebook addict. I buy every nice one and when I dont like them anymore I through em away.

I am that way with lipstick. I must have about 25 or more brands and colors around the house, hardly used–just can’t resist the urge to buy every new formula or color! I love the stuff!

I was like that Lsura…until I saw the light. I wandered from conditioner to conditioner, never fully satisfied, never content. Until one day I discovered Pantene. ::Sigh:: Pantene is like a dream come true…no more aimless wandering up and down the H&BA aisle, no more one night stands with inferior products. The scent is divine, my hair is silky and soft…I am proud to say even through design changes and rising prices, I will remain faithful to Pantene, till death do us part. :wink:


I’m a stationary whore. I buy new pens, paper, notebooks, everything, and then leave them sitting around unused…and then buy some more.