True MPSIMS: My dog lost his balls...

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Happened yesterday morning. Today he’s back to his old self and really wants to go out there and run/work/chase something. So much for that 48hours recuperation time… He was up at 2am, ready for action, having slept or dozed all day yesterday since 8am (surgery time). I need sleep.

Now I have an active sporting dog who feels like his ol’ self, with a number of stitches, and I have a headache. Trick will be finding a way to prevent him from splitting himself open in the next 7 days. Woohoo, yay me.

Now how the hell will I write my 2 takehome midterms?

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The juxtaposition of canine castration and tests is to precious for me to pass up.

While in law school, I had my dog’s nuts cut off (in retribution for a specific shit-related incident) just before finals week. On the morning of one final, I noticed Bowser was walking funny, undoubtedly related to the fact that his scrotum was about the size of an orange. Apparently the inside stitches had pulled loose and the sack was full of blood (which burst when I lifted him onto the examining table.) Of course all this happened right when I was supposed to be heading out the door for my crim law final. As I hear it, the teacher noticed my absence, and a couple of my friends thought it sufficient excuse to tell him that I had to take Bowser (a frequent visitor to the law school) to the vet.

Oh well. Showed up late, and was able to get my standard C in an hour instead of the usual 3.

Oh that poor baby. Give him a dog biscuit for me.

Did you have him neutered or was there another problem? I had an old shih tzu that developed anal tumors and had to have his testicles removed with the tumors. Yeowww. He barely noticed that his sack was empty but spent many hours looking at his ass trying to figure out what happened. (TMI)

We have a male Brittany that we plan to have neutered after we use him for stud. My hubby was concerned that he wouldn’t be good to take hunting anymore because --QUOTE “The other dogs will see that his sack is empty and won’t respect him anymore”

I laughed when I heard that and I asked the vet about that comment. She said that it is a very common concern and that for $80 she can insert silicone prosthetic testicles at the time of surgery so that he will appear unaltered.I told her I will think about it. :rolleyes:


Wow, poor Bowser! That must have been painful. :frowning: I’m hoping there will be no complications here.

And eek, Mermaid :wink: My dwog is doing just fine. He was sorta dazed yesterday, but is in full wired mode today. There’s a bit of swelling where them there family jewels used to be, but the stitched area looks great (no bleeding, no green stuff :slight_smile: )

I wonder how I’m going to keep him quiet and calm for the next few days…



My cat loses his on Friday. And will hopefully settle down just a LITTLE after that. Luckily, he also has to get boarded until Monday night, so he’ll do the first part of recovery in the vet’s office…

However, all my male friends feel terribly sorry for the little guy.

(tongue firmly in cheek)Well pup obviously feels like he needs to go out and see if the world is still there after his reality was so brutally shattered.

Maybe if you take him out for a little walk-- on a leash of course–he can work some of the restlessness off. I think the real danger is in letting him get too boisterous. Perhaps if you just put him on a short tie-out he can get some fresh air but won’t have enough slack to run.

BTW What kind of dog?

Dinsdale - good luck with the neuter… as for male friends, I think most guys react that way. It’s a part of the great guy bond that all critters share. If they don’t have anything else to talk about or have anything in common, they can at least talk about their family jewels :wink: Tee hee…

Mermaid: Da dawg is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, and a fabulous one at that!! He is 3 years old :slight_smile:

Taking him out for a walk, then going to pick up a friend at the bus station. Thank dog (!) for crates!!!



Ummm…I think she just called me Dinsdale! :slight_smile:

FTR, I am male, last time I checked, anyway…yup, still male…and I absolutely support neutering pets that will not be breeding animals. Sure, I feel a little sorry for them, but they never know what they’re missing, and the fact is they can’t control the hormones involved means snip in my mind, a policy that I would carry over to the human world, were it up to me. With great balls come great responsibilities.

I definitely see a new sig line in this

With great balls come great responsibilities…Weird Dave.

I think I may needlepoint that on a pillow. Man that is beautiful.

I had Zazou the Wonder Kitty snipped, not least because my roommate’s cat is not spayed, and it didn’t settle him down AT ALL. In fact, he just spent Little’un’s entire last heat trying to mate with her. (My vet tells me that’s normal for neutered cats.)

The Mermaid- By all means, be my guest. The sig is yours for the taking.

I used to work in a vet’s office and I observed/assisted with castrations all the time…hey, I’m a female, and it never failed to make /me/ cringe! Trust me, no male would ever, ever, ever want to see that. :> Poor doggie.

Egads, Falcon… I’m SOOOO sorry! :wink: Didn’t mean to get yer name confuddled!

I’m 100% for neutering/spaying. It’s just kinda scary when it’s your favouritest (!) friend under the knife, but hey… :slight_smile: Snipping cats, male and female, has got to be the hardest thing to convince owners to do… and we’re stuck with a cat overpopulation here in this region… I hate hearing, “But Muffy needs one litter so she can have a full life!” Or better yet, “But I want my children to witness the miracle of birth!”


E. and the Valen dog, who is looking rather sorry for himself today. I wonder if, in our SAR training, when I now say “search”, whether or not he’ll be looking for his balls rather than for missing/dead people…