Trump asking aides if Pence is loyal

Maybe Donny is thinking of quitting? Or is he thinking of getting another running mate for 2020?

Perhaps there are some unspoken words in the question?

Pence won’t pardon Trump because he’d have no reason to.

Could just as easily be that he’s started binge watching the first season of house of cards.

My prediction is that pence isn’t on the 2020 ticket. Might be Trump/Haley.

It’s going to be a hilarious conversation when Trump tells Kelly he wants Pence fired.

And Pence becomes the latest Trump associate to understand the parable of the Scorpion and the Frog.

Talking animals? The devil’s work! Pence would have no truck with that!

Pence actually pays attention to what Jesus was whispering all those years, and quits. The Senate cannot settle on Jeanne Pirro or Sean Hannity, so the office is unfilled when Trump tweets “Fuck you! I quit!”.

President Pelosi.

Or Fudge!

I mean, if we’re fantasizing here, I’m going President Fudge.

I’d heard the name but knew nothing about her. just looked her up.
where has she been hiding? I’m on board!


I’m trying to imagine this and the mind boggles. He’d need a flow chart, and at least 2 aides with cheat sheets.

Sorry, she’s our Prime Minister right now.

Remember, the Vice President needs to be confirmed by the Senate and the House.

Trump probably wouldn’t care if the VP spot was empty, and I can’t imagine he gets along all that well, personally, with someone who is so deeply religious. Pence served his purpose during the last election, and isn’t really needed anymore.

Thump would probably like Ivanka for VP. Or Don Jr., Eric, or Kushner. Keep it in the family.

Trump has denied everything, so I guess that settles that. :rolleyes:

Trump wants to know if Pence is loyal?? What, the loving “my hero” twinkle in the eyes and the cartoon hearts fluttering about isn’t good enough for him?


More like Scorpion and another kind of scorpion.