Trump assassination attempt

It’s being publicly reported that Michael Sandford, a 19 year old Briton, was arrested Saturday for attempting to assassinate Donald Trump. He was at a Trump rally in Las Vegas and initiated a conversation with a police officer who was providing security. Sandford then tried to grab the officer’s gun. The officer was able to prevent this and arrest Sandford. Sandford told the police that he intended to kill Trump.

I guess it’s lucky for Trump that they didn’t allow private people to bring guns to the rally.

So will visitors from the U.K. be banned until he figures out what the hell is going on?

That one seems kinda fair play. Britain did debate banning Trump from their country.

Glad they caught the guy. I’d much rather see Trump lose than him dying before we election.

This, +1

Oh! It’s assassination of Trump, not assassination by Trump!

It wouldn’t be by Trump. He has people to do that for him.

This is all part of the Big Plan.

Trump will be shot dead, Hope Hicks will drench his shirt in the blood and wave it high, and be elected America’s first Republican Woman President.

Trump is only targeted by the best assassins.

As this assassin apparently turned up to the assassination without a gun, he’s clearly not one of the best. He must be a fake assassin, planted in a sinister attempt to devalue the Trump brand.

She’s only 27.

Not surprised. Those on the left protesting The Donald are prone to violence. Usually they only injure a few of his supporters.

An awful lot of the right don’t care for him either.
In case you didn’t notice, the would-be assailant was from the U.K. Think we should block everyone from there until we figure out what the hell is going on?

I assume that working for Trump ages you though.

Has she ever recorded an album?

Ah, here you are again promoting bullshit. Cite that the perp was “on the left”? Cite that this was politically motivated? :dubious:

I bet you never provide those cites.

Not even Infowars made such a claim. And that’s pretty damned amazing.
Amusing side note: The “federal source” cited in the story was Associated Press.

Ah, it’s probably all coincidence that all the political violence during this election cycle is directed towards Republicans. Probably just a giant false flag operation.

It does sound like a pretty bad plan. On the other hand, Sandford might be more clever than he appears. There must be security checkpoints that prevent people from sneaking a gun into a crowd event like this. But Sandford was able to get in with no problem because he was unarmed. Once inside, he then attempted to get the weapon he wanted.

If that was his plan, I don’t think it was a clever plan. Arm yourself by snatching a gun from a police officer? How likely was that ever to succeed? I don’t know what the body-searches at Trump rallies are like, but I would have thought that smuggling a gun in, however iffy, was a better prospect that grabbing one. Or visiting the venue beforehand and planting a gun there. I’m not saying that any of these are guaranteed to succeed, but they do strike me as having a better prospect of success than the plan actually implemented.