Trump: Do you believe he misspoke, or is he backpedaling?

Are we still doing Trump thread-starter participation trophies? Because I never had a chance to get one until now.

The question is, do you believe Trump when he said he misspoke during his press conference with Putin yesterday, and that he meant to say, “Why wouldn’t it be Russia” instead of “Why would it be Russia”? Or, do you think he’s backpedaling due to the huge amount of backlash he’s getting, even from within his own party?

OK, let’s see if I can figure out how to do a poll.

ETA: I voted “He’s backpedaling.”

He said “would be”.He’s lying.

When he says, “No collusion,” he’s backpedaling, too.

I might give him a pass on misspeaking once (even though he says he never makes mistakes); however, he not only repeated himself but also praised Godfather Vlad’s “incredible offer” to help investigate the matter. If he backpedaled any faster the entity on top of his head would be reabsorbed into his scalp.

He doesn’t know what he’s saying, or even what the words that he does say mean. It’s all just made up, off the cuff ramblings.

Trump has repeatedly undercut the findings of his intelligence agencies regarding Russia. Then he has his Putin moment, holds a couple interviews, sends out tweets about it and… thirty hours later suddenly realizes he said the diametric opposite of what he thought he said?

Yeah, no.

Really, at this point it’s an insult to everyone’s intelligence to even ask such a question.

The rest of what he said is completely compatible with “would” and not at all compatible with “wouldn’t.” Another goddamn lie.

The choices should’ve been

1: He’s backpedaling

2: I’m a troll

He’s not a very good reader.

If there was a reverse Tour de France, he would have won it.

I just flipped to Fox News to see how their spin has evolved. And even Tucker Carlson agreed that not only was he backpedaling, he was di8ng so under some degree of political duress. In fact, Carlson called it the “hostage video”.

But there’s a catch, of course. The new right wing thesis is that Trump has caved to the intelligence agencies, who are all horribly incompetent and always wrong, the epitome of the Deep State. They are all completely corrupt and the reason America stopped being great. It was sort of scary.

Aye; that and the fact that he repeated it several times over the course of the next 18 hours put paid to that.

He immediately undercut his own reversal when he said “or it could have been other people”. He’s incapable of criticizing Russia, even for a second, without walking it back.

My guess is Putin showed him the pee tape during their one-on-one.


Sorry about that. Nothing personal.


At least one person chose the misspeaking option, but doesn’t seem to have commented.

I can’t wait for people to give up on the incredibly juvenile and salacious “pee tape” references and focus on the fact that Trump is compromised, not how. Because the fact that he’s compromised means he no longer fears the tape, if one exists; he fears getting himself and everyone he knows murdered by Putin.

Do you think the Novichok poisonings in the UK, right before Trump visited, were an accident or a random act?

That was a message: Putin can get to Trump and to Trump’s family; Trump knows it and knows he can’t stop Putin. The only thing he could do that might save his neck would be to admit what was going on and fall back on our government’s resources but he can’t and won’t do that because of both fear and his ego. And because he thinks that there’s a scenario that ends with him winning it all and coming out on top (here’s the secret tho: there isn’t!).

Attempts to remove him will not be successful because Putin also has dirt on way too many Republicans, thanks to the emails he hacked back in 2016 (and ongoing, no doubt) and because many in the GOP likely also see a scenario where they come out on top after things shake out (here’s another secret: they won’t!). Do you forget that a bunch of Republicans were in Russian for the 4th of July holiday just a couple of weeks ago? What do you think the purpose of that trip was, once you strip away the innocent-sounding language from the description? “A thaw in relations”; “strive for a better relationship”? :dubious:

Add that he seemed to be adding a personal comment about it when he spoke, people usually don’t mess up such personal comments in this way. Also sayign why wouldn’t it be Russia really does not make that much sense in that context.

He lies and changes stories so much - this is just another example of him lieing.

the excuse - a double negative? fuck that.

What he said at the presser was perfectly inline with EVERYTHING he has said to date - the backpedaling is a bold faced lie.

What hilarious is to watch the ‘alt-right’ try to keep up with him -earlier today, it was perfectly normal for him to not trust the intelligence agencies, what will tomorrow bring?

This. I don’t think he has any idea what he is saying.

This. As this CNN article states: