Trump-Putin summer summit? Aye!

Susan B. Glasser at The New Yorker posted a story today that says that Trump is actively seeking a face-to-face summit meeting with Vladimir Putin and that he wants it to happen ASAP, like this summer.

Will it happen? What will happen if it does?

Wow, [farting noise]'s dementia is showing.

Volodya is pretty smooth. He can presumably handle an excited fanboy. But I wonder how this will play out with the respective entourages.

He’s gonna give back Alaska.

Is it time for Trump’s performance review already?

Sarah Palinskova has a nice ring to it.

Come to think of it, if she’s part of the deal it might be worth it!

Oh, Melania’s replacement. That is believable as all get out. Honestly.

As to Putin-loving summt, no it won’t happen here. Out of the question. I can even see Pence refusing to heel and maybe not imitate water bottle placement if present at such a meeting.

A neutral place, maybe. Russia, most likely. Cofeve will be served on the site of Orangefuck’s new hotel site at a groundbreaking ceremony.

Putin will suggest a game of solitaire, and everything gets a little hazy for the President after that; despite having one of the best memories of all time.

Great memories of all time: his GMOAT, if you will.

A place and date will be announced tomorrow.

Trump says July. John Bolton is putting it together:

So in just a few weeks, the POTUS will have a one-on-one summit with the guy who is accused of illegally helping him get elected.

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

In one article, Bolton said that they would definitely be discussing Russian interference in American elections.

I am sure that Bolton was talking about 2016, but somehow I doubt that that’s the year that Trump will be talking about and, certainly, not in a negative fashion.

Happy Midterms everyone!

Trump will decide that the best way to help the coal miners is to go ahead on the Exxon deal with Russia. Also, he will sign an executive order releasing all those Russian orphans from Hillary’s sex farm.

Moose and squirrel are, of course, done for.

Oh he’s not kidding. They’re gonna talk about how they can illegally re-“elect” the Republican congress.


He’ll come back with instructions to move Jefferson Beauregard to the Supremes and Rudy to AG to take care of Mueller.

Why is the press not screaming about this? I’m livid about the summit but I’m absolutely apopetlic about the fact that I see nary a peep out of any media outlet or Democratic leadership or any Independent politician even noting the fact that Trump is going to go collude face-to-face with Putin right before the next round of elections.

We’re all kinda stunned by him eating a live bat on Fox and Friends. Didn’t see that coming!

Josh Marshall, the editor of Talking Points Memo, brought up this little nugget from Russia state TV, in a brief story about the summit.

Helsinki on 16 July. Prolly no time to waste in implementing things for the midterm elections.