Trump finally has his wall

Around the White House. Did Mexico pay for it? I am not surprised in the least by this. Only Trump cultists are not surprised, they expected it. And he claims he did not order it.

And he couldn’t order a stop to it?



I’m thinking Mexico will pay for a wall to keep US citizens out.

Damn it, Biden. Get yourself a bullhorn, join the protesters at the fence, and shout “Mr. T***p, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!”

Biden can’t shout at all, even in a megaphone, and this is all that bothers me.

I love the fact that Trump is gradually fortifying the people’s house because he’s scared. Well,Love isn’t quite the right word. In fact, the White House should not be fortified because the President is scared of the constituency. However, I appreciate the irony of the soi-disant strong man cowering. November’s coming bunker boy. Tick-tock.

The fencing is turning into a monument to BLM and the people who have been harmed by racist police and policies. This also makes me happy.

So his response to the hiding-in-the-bunker taunts that angered him is to install a fence to hide behind? I knew the guy was a fucking moron, but c’mon now.

Speaking of that, Randy Rainbow: Bunker Boy.

Somebody on Twitter called it #babygate, and I kinda love that.

If I were to post on Twitter, I think I’d try to get #shitstormtrooper trending in reference to that jackass in the White House (which is now beng surrounded by a black fence).

Make the fence bigger and stronger. Catapult Quarter Pounders (no pickles, extra ketchup) over it and be done with him.

When troubled times gave him a call
Sir Bonespurs hid behind a wall

Sir Bonespurs bravely ran away
He bravely, bravely ran away


I haven’t gotten a clear look at the wall. Can we hang stuff from it? Or paint on it like the old Berlin Wall?

Protestors are on that.

Good. It will help him get used to living in a facility surrounded by secure walls.

Bunker Bitch.

OF course the Coward-in-Chief is going to hide.