Trump going after McRaven

Is Donny worried he will run against McRaven?

I’m sure the White House is scouring sources to find out if McRaven donated money to Clinton.

Trump would lash out at Jesus and call Satan a “very good person”.

yes, if Jesus said something negative about Trump

He already said a lot of negative things about Trump.:slight_smile: Not by name, but still…

the guy who killed OBL smacks Trump down

Now, the official GOP Twitter account is going after Admiral McRaven.

oh, and by the way, McRaven is fighting leukemia…

As a vet, I am disgusted by this. Is anyone still proud to be a Republican?

… and of course they fail to mention that McRaven was also on Trump’s short list for National Security Advisor. (The Hill)

I think Trump is losing the military vote.

And could still kill damn near every one of the GOP members of Congress (and in the White House) with one hand tied behind his back.

This is the party that loves the military and our vets?

Why, my brothers and sisters in arms, do you still think these people give a shit about you? Vote them out!

Dan Crenshaw would be the boss he’d lose to in that battle.

I seriously doubt that.

This is probably not a great forum for reaching a large audience of veterans.

Active military overall approval/disapproval ratings from October 2018 were 43.8/43.1% (down from 46.1/37% shortly after inauguration). Note that Sec. Mattis has a 83.6/3.8%. I can’t imagine the twitter war with McRaven, or the border deployment to Mexico has helped this much.

Trump seems to be most popular with the Marines (65.5% approval), least popular with the Air Force (36.4% approval)

Are you sure about that?

Military Times: Support for Trump is fading among active-duty troops, new poll shows

For what it’s worth, I’m a veteran.

I wouldn’t say “sure” (which is why I said “seriously doubt”), but I’d be quite shocked if Trump loses the military vote to whoever the Dems nominate in 2020.

Even if he doesn’t lose it outright, the fact that it’s seriously eroding matters.

Trump losing the veteran vote actually seems quite possible to me. The only groups I’d count on him winning is white noncollege educated men and voters in the $50K-$100K income range, and only because that group is most vulnerable to having their lifestyle heavily affected by Democratic tax plans, or suspected Democratic tax plans. Oh, and I guess seniors too, since the GOP seems to be keeping its hands off senior entitlements. Which is actually enough to win, but it’s a very narrow path to victory.

I see you were faster on the draw than me. :slight_smile:

It’s interesting (to me, anyway) that the Air Force and the Navy track pretty closely, as do the Army and Marines. Apropos of nothing, I note that the USAF and USN have traditionally been more technical than the ground pounders, and require higher ASVAB scores for their enlisted personnel.

Also of note is that “the poll shows that officers are less enamored with Trump than enlisted troops.”

There seems to be a clear correlation, even in the military, between level of education and support (or lack thereof) for Trump.

Keeping its hands off of senior entitlements? They’ve already passed the bill to gut Medicare. The gutting just hasn’t gone into effect yet.

I’m unfamiliar with that bill. How’d it get enough Democratic votes in the Senate to beat a filibuster?

I agree. Despite my previous crack about “ground pounders,” even they are smart enough to realize when they are being used as political pawns.