Trump has Uncontrollable Fecal Incontinence?

I got this one from a podcast I listened to at work. A guest on the show used to work on The Apprentice and other Trump media like the beauty pageants. The guest said that Trump wears Depends and has chronic fecal incontinence because of the drugs he’s addicted to, and the greasy junk food he eats.

I’m thinking it’s plausible. Or is this just leftist propaganda? I’m a leftist, but I won’t believe just anything the anti-Trump people say. This is not discussed on mainstream news, but is that because it’s not verifiable, or that it’s just so gross to talk about?

If Trump denies it then you know it’s true.

I would think that by now, it would have leaked for sure.

Seriously, you would think someone would have remarked on the stench that would surround him.

This. The day the left starts sounding like the right is the day I stop identifying with the left. Or to quote the Votemaster: “This doesn’t pass the smell test.”

Trump clearly has fecal incontinence. It’s just is at the opposite end of the digestive tract than is usual.

There is a photo of Trump on the golf course, shot from behind, which purportedly shows a diarrhea stain, but Snopes says it’s a fake.

That explains why he walked out of the 60 Minutes interview last week.

He does have a weirdly big butt in many photos, and I’ve often wondered what the hell he’s got under there. However:

  • Myriad sources report that he abstains entirely from drinking, presumably related to having seen what alcoholism did to his older brother. That alone suggests he’s an unlikely candidate for drug addiction. True, it’s far from conclusive, but I’m skeptical that he could have hidden a drug addiction all this time.

  • Assuming it’s true and he does need some sort of padding, I would imagine it could be done very subtly. During the 45 years or so that I menstruated, the options available improved dramatically, from ridiculous bulky wads with absurdly inconvenient pins and ties to simple, slim, convenient pads. I am sure that if Trump needs diapers, he has ones that are designed not to show.

  • More importantly: WHO CARES? Imagine for a moment that a politician you respect suffered from an embarrassing condition like fecal incontinence. Would you want to expose and humiliate them? Would you think them less qualified to strategize or make decisions?

I utterly loathe Trump and wouldn’t feel a moment’s pity if it were publicly verified that the rumor in the OP were true. But any immature glee I might feel is ultimately irrelevant. There are far more important things we ought to be worrying about than whether Trump needs diapers.

No, I totally think he’s a drug addict. All that sniffling, narcissism, and wild mood swings, and that alcoholism runs in his family. Trump would easily rationalize any drug use on his part as “it’s okay because it’s not alcohol.”

Maybe they’re misremembering speculation in GQ from 3½ years ago.

The guy being referenced is comedian Noel Casler, who was a staffer on the Apprentice. He references Individual 1 and Casler’s time on the show often in his comedy sketches, and he really goes in on Individual 1 on Twitter.
I ran across this just the other day:

Drug addiction doesn’t cause narcissism; that’s a personality disorder. Though I suppose addiction could amplify the associated behaviors.

Anyway, I’m not going to argue that Trump is NOT an addict; I don’t think we have much credible evidence one way or the other, except for the common sense observation that a true addiction would be pretty hard to hide. Especially if the drugs involved were illegal. Exactly what type of drug do you think he’s addicted to?

We know it, Trump often claims that someone who works at the Whitehouse is a leaker. :smiley:

But really, so what if he does?

I vaguely remember the suggestion that the need to wear Depends undergarments explains his ill-fitting clothes. (Seriously, you’d think someone with his money could afford properly tailored suits.)

Adderall, crushed and up the nose, most likely.

It only matters if he shits himself due to a near fatal apoplectic aneurysm as a result of crushing election night results.

Well, he does seem to shit on everything.

As to the actual accusation, I see no reason to necessarily believe it, and if it is true, I see no reason to hold an irrelevant medical problem against him.

There is plenty enough coming out of the pie hole to criticize, we don’t need to worry so much about what comes out the bung hole.

Just to be clear, I wouldn’t count it against Trump if it were true. I’m just not sure that it is.