Trump held in contempt in NY

NY judge hold trump in contempt of court for withholding documents. I’m math challenged- $10,000 a day to a “billionaire” is how much to a minimum wager?

I’m not holding my breath, but they got Al Capone on tax evasion.

Irony would be sending a ‘billionaire’ to jail over a pittance.

“Lock him up, it’ll teach him a lesson,”

When you guys put trump in the car and you’re protecting his head you know, the way you put your hand over their head, you can take the hand away, OK?

I would guess it would be a lot cheaper for us to have him locked up the the current protection he gets from the SS.

When they lock trump up, and Greene and Gaetz storm the Bastille, I hope Greene is reminded that sans-culottes doesn’t mean she doesn’t have to wear pants.

No amount of brain bleach will get that image out.

Alex Jones was given fines for every day of contempt - which were refunded when he responded.

So the literal answer to the OP is: zero is exactly the same percentage for a billionaire and for a minimum wage worker.

Trump’s handlers in the case are saying that no such documents exist. Or at least that, after a good-faith search, none such could be found.

How would anyone know?

More general question: When prosecutors or plaintiffs or Congressional investigators want to subpoena documents, how do they know what documents supposedly exist?

There’s a big difference, for a “billionaire,” between the kind of hot air monetary values that get talked about when you are applying for a bank loan, and real hard currency that is being taken out of your account every day. If it kept going for a year (do they collect only on business days when the court is open?) it would add up to around $2.5 million.

When I read the thread title, my first thought was "Isn’t he held in contempt everywhere?

Gonna steal that…

This is the wrong question. The judge is not trying to make money here. The goal of the judge is to get Trump to comply with the order. $10,000 a day is a signal of this intent, but it is nowhere near the limit of what the judge can order. Trump will either comply or convince the judge that compliance is impossible. How we get there is mostly irrelevant.

Fucker’s going to countersue and file motions to delay. He’s never going to comply and never going to pay a nickel. He never pays for anything.

I’m not so sure about that. I mean, his appeal was absolutely predictable. The nominal purpose of a real appeal – that the original ruling was flawed or based on inaccurate information – means nothing to the Orange Marmoset. He’s appealing because he can, purely as a delaying tactic. But courts have limited patience with blatant bullshit. Unless he runs into one of the judges that he himself elevated from obscurity and incompetence into a position to make judgments.

Still, what are they going to do if he just ignores them? Doesn’t supply documents, doesn’t pay fines. Are they going to lock him up? No.

Put a lien on Trump Tower?

Perhaps they could also take some collections actions.

The judge could order Trump’s tenants in Trump Tower and other properties in New York to pay their rents directly to the Court until further notice.

I was under the impression that, when the judges are really serious, they have it double every week you are out of compliance. Like happened here:

Like other “Finally! We’ve got the bastard!” declarations in the past, I fully expect T-Rump to slither out of this too.