Trump is Apparently Not Well-Liked at Christian Universities

Full disclosure: I am a student at said university:

None of our major politicians are REALLY Christian. They just pretend to be to gain votes.

Bernie Sanders might not agree with that statement.

Well, I’m sure Carson is . . . if he counts as a “major politician” . . . and if 7th Day Adventism counts as “Christian.”

Wait, Carson is atheist? Also, I’m extremely proud that I know people that are witty enough to come up with the last quote in the article.

Who cares? TRUMP’s getting pretty healthy support among the evangelicals but his real strength is amongst the unchurched lumpenproletariat of the American working-class.

Anecdotal, admittedly, but my super Jesus-y coworker is solidly pro Cruz. He thinks Trump is a fake Christian and Cruz is hated by everyone he has worked with and for because they are all corrupt and they hate Cruz because he is honest and un-corrupt. Seriously, that’s what he thinks.

What? Your question is confusing me. Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist. Where are you getting “atheist”?

There’s hardly anyplace where Trump is well-liked:

If he wins the nomination, it will because the majority of Republicans who view him unfavorably split their votes. So, in this respect, conservative Christian universities are no outliers.

I’m not saying Trump winning in November is impossible. Lesser evil voting is common. I’m guessing that most Regent University students would, holding their noses, vote for the bigoted, misogynist Donald Trump, the guy who is looking to take the oil from our adversaries, over a mainstream candidate like Hilary Clinton. If I’m wrong, TheLadyMage, I’ll be glad to learn that, so please correct me.

Oh, Carson’s faith in God is unshakable. After all, he sees Him every morning when he looks in the mirror.

Huckabee, Carson and Santorum are genuine in their religious beliefs. Maybe Cruz too, but he is playing it up. The rest are faking it.

Trump is a fake everything.

Bobby Jindal says that Trump has never read the Bible. Because Trump is not in the Bible.

Whoops misread your original post.

I’m guessing a lot of church people feel the same way. When Trump was asked what his favorite Bible verse was, this is what happened:

It’s very evident that he does not read the Bible regularly or possibly ever, and he can’t even do the basic studying to pander effectively. Of course, there are still probably a not-insignificant number of evangelicals who see him as fake, but as a better candidate than others.

Ha, good burn from Jindal.

This reminds me of planning my father’s funeral. I’d never known my father to be religious at all. The most spiritual I ever saw him was when he would take the Lord’s name in vain during a baseball game.

The funeral director said that he was going to read Dad’s favorite Bible verse. He explained it was John 3:16. We immediately assumed (and still do) that that was the only verse he knew right off the top of his head. And he only knew that from signs people would hold up during sporting events.

I read a Facebook comment recently that I hope gains traction, so I’ll share it here: Trump is like a high school student who hasn’t read the material, trying to bullshit his way through an exam.

That’s the standard “turn water into wine” sort of right-wing thinking these days. If you point out that someone is an idiot, it’s because you are an elite liberal hater or whatever. The idea that an idiot is just an idiot doesn’t cross their minds. It’s all about paranoia. It’s why they talk themselves into believing some of the stupidest shit on Earth and following the stupidest people on Earth.

Trump says will if he is elected, Christianity will have great power.

He is also upset with department stores that do not wish him a “Merry Christmas” and will no longer patronize them.

Guess I know where I will do my shopping next year. :smiley:

From that article:

I’m no Christian, but asking God for forgiveness would indicate that he felt that he had been wrong about something. And we know there’s no chance of humility on that scale.