Trump, Lame Duck Edition

I just saw a headline, something like “McConnell says not to expect the stimulus deal before the election”, and it made me consider where things go after Trump is elected out (presuming that he is) but still has several months to serve.

At the moment, for example, Trump wants to pass the stimulus because he needs the votes.

But, after a loss, we have to ask ourselves how good of a loser Donald Trump is and whether he has a history of retribution against those who scorned him?

Given three months of freedom, where he doesn’t have to give a damn about his polling and still wields the power of the presidency, what does Donald do? Does the cabinet act to swap Pence in?

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The minute Trump realizes he’s lost, he will implement a scorched earth policy to the economy. I don’t know how effective his attempts will be given the remaining time, but I think he will operate on the assumption that he can successfully challenge the results and blame the tanking economy on the incoming administration, thus also act as if ‘only he alone can fix it’.