Trump Loses In November - Then This Happens

Sit down, buckle in, bring your seat up to its full upright position, with your tray table closed and locked.

Now tightly squeeze your sphincter muscles and seriously consider this. Really!

Donald trump is defeated at the polls on November 3, 2020. He becomes a lame duck president until the new president is sworn in on January 20, 2021.

In the ensuing 79 days, from his defeat to the inauguration:

  • Trump lays waste to the federal government infrastructure, issuing Executive Orders that cripple effective government operations, grossly deregulating environmental, financial, and societal safeguards and protections.

  • Trump threatens a hot war in the South China Sea. (As this post is published, two US carrier battle groups are already enroute to the South China sea, and a third carrier battle group is on standby to change its operating theater.)

  • As Trump’s actions become known and demonstrations break out all over the country, Trump nationalizes the National Guard in several states and orders them to put down the demonstrations by whatever means necessary. Local commanders are forced to decide on honoring those orders, causing breakdowns in strict military protocols across the country.

  • (Putin begins making offensive military maneuvers in Eastern Europe and parts of the Middle East, notably Syria.)

  • Tempers finally flare within both political parties and Congress is forced to return for a lame-duck emergency session. The likelihood of a second impeachment is not only inevitable, but a conviction is all but assured. According to Congress, it is the only way Trump can be stopped, even in the lame duck days of his administration.

  • Trump issues preemptive pardons of his political friends, including several Members of Congress, and the vice-president.

  • Trump issues blanket preemptive pardons of almost all of his immediate family members.

  • Trump resigns from office.

  • Pence is sworn in as president, even though his tenure will end on January 20, 2021.

  • The country takes an ignorant sigh of relief. It doesn’t last long.

  • Pence pardons Trump of any and all crimes, real or imagined.

  • Pence falls on his sword and immediately resigns as interim president.

If all of this occurs before the new Congress is sworn in on January 3, 2021, the remaining diehard Trump supporters in Congress (several with new preemptive pardons) throw sand into the Congressional gears.

With what we all know of Donald Trump right now, how far-fetched do you think this scenario, or parts of it, could actually take place?

(Note: I am deliberately not addressing the possibility of a pre-election “October Surprise,” nor the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.)

Far, far fetched. Setting aside all the individual reasons why stuff wouldn’t make sense or not work as described, consider that Trump has several children who are likely eyeing a political career. Trump spending the last couple months burning everything down and getting us into a war with China would guarantee that the Trump political legacy ends with that failure.

…and President Pelosi is sworn in. I’m not sure how much sand Trumpists in Congress can manage to throw into the gears with Democrats in charge of both the House of Representatives and the White House.

I feel Trump’s greed will be his primary motivation in his final months in office. He won’t start a war with China because there won’t be any profit for him in doing so. He’ll spend all his time figuring out ways to collect bribes and stash money away.

And he won’t rely on Pence to pardon him. He’ll pardon himself.

I’ve also predicted that if Trump loses this November, he’ll quickly announce he will be running again in 2024. He’ll want to keep the campaign train running. First, it will feed his ego. Second, it will make him some income. Third, it will delay the day he has to officially shut down his campaign and do a closing audit.

There is a serious question of what pardons could be issued to whom it they are intended to cover an ongoing criminal enterprise. We’re bound I have a constitutional law person here. What’s the nitty gritty of a criminal President pardoning his criminal vp, resigning, and then getting pardoned?

Something like that would be decided in the Supreme Court. It’s pretty easy to make the case that the framers of the Constitution never intended the power to pardon to be abused in that way.

Yes, I’ve also been thinking he’ll do this. Effectively, he’s never stopped campaigning, all through his administration, and for those three reasons, that’s all he really wants to do. He’s too fucking incompetent and too lazy–both mentally and physically–to actually run a country. Rallies are the only thing he cares about, apart from scamming money out of others.

Why would he bother to do all those things in the OP?

The problem with pardon shenanigans is that US presidential pardons only apply to US federal crimes so state prosecutions could continue unabated. Most of the charges are state charges, so this really doesn’t affect that many criminal investigations. And that’s without any challenge to the validity of the pardons, it’s doubtful that even the right-stacked Supreme Court would accept the validity of a pardon for ongoing and future criminal acts.

I think he’s already done about as much damage as can be done with executive orders, if he goes really over the top then instead of crippling operations, they’ll be contested in court which takes more than the three months between election and the new president. Once there’s a new president, he can just revoke the contested orders.

If Trump is doing enough shenanigans that the Republicans in congress are willing to impeach and convict him, he’s probably got more than half of the cabinet pissed off at him too. The cabinet can immediately declare him unfit for office with a 50% agreement and a letter to Congress, so he better move fast.

I don’t see what’s in it for Pence in this scenario. Trump might want to do weird shenanigans, and Pence is an awful person, but this seems like suicide for Pence’s political career, his family’s political career, and his historical legacy. I’ve never gotten the impression that Pence is especially loyal to Trump, just that his job is to be VP so he’s doing that.

I think this is only true because Trump and the Republicans have been in a position to suppress any investigations of Trump breaking federal laws. I’m sure Trump has broken dozens of them and if he neglects to pardon himself before leaving office, the next Democratic administration will be able to open up investigations.

Executive orders can be stayed.

Nobody’s going to be going into the streets over Trump, they go into the tweets over Trump.

He’ll keep provoking things though. But it’s going to be BEFORE the election.

If you think this year’s been bad so far, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

He will issue a lot of pardons but like most presidents they will happen a day or 2 before Jan 20th. He can pardon someone before a trial just like Ford did with Nixon.

I doubt Trump will ever display that kind of industry. Furthermore, the Department of Defense seems more concerned about not doing things, whether those things need to be done, or (in the case of sparking a war with China) things that should not be done.

I don’t see a second impeachment. Even if Republicans agree that Trump must be dumped, they have defended him for four years, so it would make them look bad.

I could see this happening, but Trump would still have to leave. The New York State prosecutors don’t care if Trump has been pardoned of all federal crimes. Trump might literally have to hide out in Florida (or at least never go anywhere near New York) for decades.

I would imagine that if there was a new administration incoming in 79 days, all the affected Federal bureaus and offices would probably just slow-walk whatever ridiculous, harmful or absurd stuff imposed via executive order. I certainly don’t see them pulling out the stops to cripple their own ability to do their business in 79 days, just to satisfy the spite of a lame duck President.

In my opinion, the biggest risks of a lame-duck Trump presidency are:

  • Pardons a-go-go
  • The Senate ramming through as many judicial appointments as it is physically possible to handle, including those of any judges Republicans convince to retire,
  • General shenanigans that will further erode confidence in our electoral processes - accusations of vote-tampering, miscounts, etc.,
  • Rampant records destruction in the White House (and potentially other agencies),
  • Complete lack of cooperation with the incoming administration on the transition, creating more work for the new administration than necessary.

I think there’s a non-zero chance Trump leaves office early in a fit of pique, but I don’t count that as damaging. The sooner he’s gone, the better for all of us.

No one will let trump do most of your list- except the pardons, which we are all expecting. Him resigned and having Pence pardon him is a little far out, I think he will pardon himself, instead.

I think Trump will pretty blatant too in why he’s issuing those pardons. The pardons will be issued as the checks clear. Pardons are one of the few things Trump will have to sell right up to the end. He’ll be a regular Johann Tetzel.

As far as wholesale changing various regulations, they’ve already done all their damage. There’s a law (I assume) that allows an incoming administration to quickly undo any changes made in the six months before the general election. So they’ve made sure to get all their pillaging done before May 3 to thwart that.

Quite a bit of food for thought in the replies. Much appreciated.

Or, Pence lets go a giant sigh of relief, as realizes he’s finally out from under the bulk of that asshole Trump. He immediately reverses every stupid thing he ever had to support, just to kiss Trump’s ass to keep him happy. When Trump whines about the disloyalty, Pence asks, “What have you done for me lately?”, and has the Secret Service drag Trump’s ass out of his White House.

blasts Janet Jackson’s “What have you done for me lately?”,