Trump makes major announcement December 15. What is it? {Just digital trading cards of Trump}

I never understood NFT’s and that is what these are? You get a jpeg. Can’t I get a jpeg of a picture anywhere?

You don’t even get a jpeg. You get a URL that points to a jpeg, not the jpeg itself.

Which blockchain these are on is answered in the website FAQ.

Me, either, not unless they offer him way more than $99.

If I’d had any interest in them I’d have bought one or two when they were announced and I’m not exactly rolling in dough. Look at all the collector’s edition plates, prints and similar objects out there that marks buy up with the expectation hope of selling it later at a profit. Couple that FOMO with the hero worship he elicits and it’s no surprise they sold out quickly.

So non-Trumpy people have seen records in the blockchain which correspond to these NFTs?

The Germans have a word for it:

nutzenschotz - n. the combination of satisfaction and empathic pain one feels when watching an enemy get punched in the groin.

With this target market, a sawbuck will cover that.

I suspect that the real intent of this is the 10% cut, and that a few of these NTFs will soon go for big money. Super PAC A will sell their NTF to Super PAC B for say, a billion dollars. A month later Super PAC B sells it back to Super PAC A for a billion dollars. No, they are not making illegal campaign contributions, they just really like Trump in a cowboy hat and chaps, and if they have to incur a 10% fee to get it, well, just look at those chaps! Worth every penny.

Just a guess, though it may be that they may be able to donate that much anyway legally.

It’s also important to remember, especially with regards to the secondary market, that although each NFT initially cost $99, some are worth way more than others.

You might get 1 of 20 identical images of Trump in a suit and MAGA hat making a thumbs up gesture in front of a blue background or you might get a one of a kind gold tinted image of Trump riding an elephant. The latter is going to be worth way more than the former.

According to the analysis on the Open Sea trading platform, there are 72 one of a kind images. Those would be worth way more than most of the other images. If Trump was able to control who got the good ones, if he sold his cronies the ones that could be immediately flipped for 10x their cost, while the rubes are stuck with their lame cards they can barely break even on, that’s some unjust enrichment right there.

Oh, so it’s like buying a pack of Pokemon cards. Just these are Pudgyman cards…

I’ve heard them referred to as Brokeman cards

This has all the hallmarks of a classic pump n dump scheme:

  1. Investment offering; 45,000 “cards” at $99 each

  2. Insiders buy the IPO quickly, showing “there is great interest”

  3. Insiders trade amongst each other raising the price (SCARCITY!)

  4. Meanwhile, suckers start to buy in at inflated prices. Insiders continue to trade with each other, pumping the price.

  5. Insiders sell off all their “cards” to the suckers, at peak prices, and eventually abandon the investment altogether (the dump)

  6. Worthless investment collapses with nobody left to pump the price, and the suckers are left with nothing.

Not nothing.

They get a url that used to point to a non-downloadable picture of Der Gropenfuhrer before the website was shut down for non-payment of hosting fees.

How are these things non-downloadable? I can screenshot anything on my computer or phone.

I know I’m clueless, but how is any NFT worth anything?

At least with a Pet Rock, you got to keep the rock.

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’ll quote another aphorism:

The market knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

NFTs may have no instrinsic value. But that doesn’t prevent them having a price if somebody somewhere values what they represent. Or at least if somebody somewhere thinks they can resell it for more later than they will pay for it now, it will have a price now.

It’s like a futures contract on some tulip bulbs for delivery next April.

And said file can be deleted by the owner of said computer.

Or when the “dump” portion of the pump n dump scheme is underway, they can just stop paying for the server space. And the NFT vanishes like dust in the wind.

An NFT is an Idiot License.