Moderation in the "Trump makes major announcement [...]" thread

It might be something is wrong with my imagination, but I cannot see how mentioning the blockchain involved in Trump’s scam promotes the grift any more than having an active and alive thread on the topic.

This was baffling to me as well. I’m curious about some of the technical aspects (like, is there a blockchain? Is it a reputable one, or some “trumpchain” or something?), but it seems like all such questions and answers are verboten?

Feel free to have a discussion on Blockchains outside of that thread that don’t mention Trump. But I’m trying to avoid anything that supports his latest grift.

Let me add, I might not understand what a Blockchain is and maybe it doesn’t help, I might be moderating from a lack of correct information.

I came in here to post about that one myself. It’s not like you “go to the blockchain” to buy them.
Also, I’ve been viewing a secondary market site that has some interesting analytics of the NFT, analytics that I think may have been pulled from the blockchain. Some of these, like the number of unique owners, are germane to conversation in progress. Am I going to break some rule because I’m linking to a site where you can buy these? Certainly you don’t think that by linking to the site I’m encouraging SDMBers to buy this stuff at $200 a pop ( sort of about where the low price sits) - rather I would link to it because it has most of the stupid designs, and I think it’s funny and interesting.

I think you might be misunderstanding. Saying that it’s trading on the Etherium blockchain or the Bitcoin blockchain or whatever doesn’t really do anything to help or harm the grift. There are websites that are already showing the cards for sale – maybe pointing to those helps the grift? Not sure. I don’t know what you cornfielded, so maybe it was something like that.

I don’t think the underlying tech they are using, assuming they are using some real tech, makes a difference one way or the other.

That makes zero sense to me. The only way to actually interact with this grift for the initial purchase or a resale appears to be through their website, which is easily googleable and which the thread “supports” just as much as any discussion of the blockchain involved would do.

And what rule is discussing the specific technology of this specific grift supposed to be breaking?

I actually don’t have much more to contribute to the topic other than the reference to the FAQ that I posted, but I suspect that anyone more knowledgeable who tried following up on it would find that they’re just using a massive commercial platform and finding any Trump NFT specific transaction in between all their other transactions is going to be too much work for casual curiosity.

You talked me into it, I’ll remove my note.

naita, your post is restored.

:+1: Excellent! And I totally get it. All this blockchain stuff is nigh on impenetrable, which is why it still sucks in new rubes.