Trump makes major announcement December 15. What is it? {Just digital trading cards of Trump}

I’m just wondering what actions he is hiding while this non-event plays out our attention. Is he going to take an overseas “business” trip tied to this and never come back?

Like sit in Dubai and flip everyone off while continuing his scams to the hardcore “patriots”.

12,000 people bought 45,000 cards in a couple of hours?

One might hope that all of these ““purchases”” were made with ‘the cryptos’.

What blockchain are these NFTs actually on, anyway?

Modnote: Let’s not make it easier for a grifter to grift.

Above base on wrong information. Please ignore.

Okay, let me rephrase that. I don’t actually care about the specifics.

The point of a blockchain is that it’s publicly viewable which account owns whatever asset. Has anyone outside of Trump’s orbit actually seen this blockchain? I’m wondering if the grift is even simpler–no blockchain at all, just a slot to put money in and an emailed jpeg.

I think Elmu bought the whole batch.

Things are going great!

Where I heard this is from the Trump website which has a big sold out sign on its front and is no longer selling them. As to whether this is a lie I think is probably a matter of semantics.

I think the idea that 44,000 of these things were sold to Trump fans at $99 a pop is most likely a lie. But as to whether they were “sold” internally to shell buyers associated with the company? most certainly. They will want to have invoices to show that they actually did what they said they were going to do and sell 44,000 of the 45,000 NFTs off the website. and it is trivially easy to make the purchases shuffling the necessary funds between Ethereum wallets, so why not “sell” them.

Trump has no idea what his actual image is, because he only ever listens to people who praise him.

The thought process wasn’t all that involved. Some guys told him they could make him a lot of money, with very little effort on his part, and it involved lots of people buying flattering images of Trump himself. That’s all you need to get a greedy, lazy narcissist on board.

Yeah, I was wondering that, too. The trustworthy-ness of the blockchain comes from the widely distributed and many-owner computing network that does the blockchain calculations. In a traditional blockchain network, the ability to get control of 51% of the servers is almost impossible. A bad actor couldn’t take over the blockchain to make their own modifications. But if the servers managing the Trump card blockchain only exist in the data centers of Trump buildings, then the network has no trust. They can make the blockchain be anything they like since they’d control the whole blockchain computing environment.

I don’t find it at all implausible that they have sold out. There are literally tens of millions of Trump supporters out there who idolize him. All it takes is for one in a thousand to buy one each and he’s sold all 45,000 images.

This is a sample size of two, but the people in the screenshot I posted above appear to be NFT fans based on other tweets, but aren’t obviously MAGA. A significant number of buyers might be people riding the NFT bandwagon who don’t care about Trump one way or the other.

In their mind, maybe these become the next Bored Ape* and you net $100K. If not, you’re out $99 - small potatoes in the speculative NFT market.

*Spoiler - these won’t become the next Bored Ape.

I never understood NFT’s and that is what these are? You get a jpeg. Can’t I get a jpeg of a picture anywhere?

You don’t even get a jpeg. You get a URL that points to a jpeg, not the jpeg itself.

Which blockchain these are on is answered in the website FAQ.

Me, either, not unless they offer him way more than $99.

If I’d had any interest in them I’d have bought one or two when they were announced and I’m not exactly rolling in dough. Look at all the collector’s edition plates, prints and similar objects out there that marks buy up with the expectation hope of selling it later at a profit. Couple that FOMO with the hero worship he elicits and it’s no surprise they sold out quickly.