Trump Rally employees remove Social Distancing stickers on arena seats

Not surprising really. Since when does anyone in his entire organization give a damn about human lives?

CNN article link here.

Department of Health? Be damned.
Common sense? Be damned.
Care for fellow human beings? Be damned.

I have no idea why I’m still surprised by things like this. At least they’re consistent in their disregard of others. And even themselves.

Their callous disregard for others, even at their own cost, is their common core value.

Are these the same staffers that tested positive? Did they also lick the seats?

Don’t blame the staffers. They were only following orders.

It’s part of the Democrats’ plot to overthrow Trump. You see, the staffers are undercover Democrats and removing those stickers and banning masks is their way to get Loyal Patriotic Americans to catch the Chinese Virus and die from it before they get to vote for our beloved Fuhrer’s reelection.

As I remarked elsewhere, those in attendance defiantly believe that they are not marks or pawns for Trump.

Not much different than kissing ass.

Oklahoma COVID 19 tests after Trump rally 100% positive.

Talk about a Libtard Hoax, eh?