Trump says build a wall in Africa to keep out migrants

I guess Mexico can pay for this one too

What is dumber?
That he thinks that Spain is in Africa? (well, there are two small enclaves on the north coast of Africa)

That he thinks that the wall would be shorter than the US-Mexico border?

That he thinks Spain has the right to build a wall in foreign lands?

That he thinks a Saharan wall would be more of a barrier than the desert itself?

all of them are equally dumb

Or that he thinks that ladder technology is unknown in sub-Saharan Africa?

next thing is he will suggest those giant sand worms that eat people from the movie Dune , probably cheaper than the wall

No, someone claimed that he said that. The claim has not been substantiated.

I would the word of virtually anyone on the planet above Lyin’ 46 Minus One.

that guy in Spain is probably a commie pinko bleeding heart Bernie Sanders supporter!

Uf, Borrell is actually a member of long standing of the Socialist Party, so by US standards he’s to the left of Sanders. This is his third round as Minister, having previously been Minister of Infrastructure, Transportation and the Environment twice under Felipe González. Probably even believes that global warming is bad, with that personal history.

Fake news most likely. If it was said it was said in jest. I’m reminded of the Bush haters who honestly thought George W said " the trouble with the French is that they don’t have a word for entrepreneur". That Bush quote, similar to the Trump one, should not have passed the sniff test.

Edit; the Bush quote came from Shirley Williams, a well respected former government minister who claimed she heard the quote second hand. It turns out former ministers are capable of lying in order to score political points(or in Williams’ case for comedic effect at a party rally).

Trump says enough dumb stuff on a daily basis not sure why anyone would need to make something up to make him look bad.


He just released a video where he talks about how this hurricane has been the wettest in terms of water. This is a pre-recorded video where they could have edited that out to make him appear a bit less of a moron. But they kept it in. For people to think this is fake news rather than Trump being his typical moron-self makes my laugh.

Beetlejuice, maybe. I doubt he’s ever seen or read (Ha!) Dune.

It sounds like the Minister was making a joke - the article notes he imitated Trump’s voice in the telling. And no, I’m not defending Trump. That’s just what it sounds like to me.

Trump reminding the world of his genius. he’s still begging congress to fund the failed American wall project that Mexico is going to pay for.

If Trump’s always saying made up stuff that makes him look bad, why can’t the rest of us do it?

Trump visited a hurricane victim in NC who had a boat washed up on his land. Trump asked the guy if it was his boat and the guy said no. Trump said “at least you got a nice boat out of this”

There’s already a wall right across what used to be called Spanish Sahara and is now known as Western Sahara!
But I doubt that’s anything to do with what he was suggesting.

You have to concede how difficult it must be for Trump supporters. Reports come out that Trump said something stupid. Do they deny the reports and claim that a genius like Trump would never say anything that stupid? Or do they proudly embrace the idea and claim that the rest of us don’t understand how brilliant Trump is for having said it? Sure, they know they’re going to be called on for denial, but they’re not sure what it is they’re supposed to be denying.

You’re leaving one out— the reliable fallback when every other excuse fails.

There we go!