Trump-Sessions: Does this change anything for the base?

This drives me crazy because I recall a few (weeks, days, hours) ago that disrespecting our southern and our rural citizens, by sterotyping, is the royal road to being hated, losing elections, and being lectured without end by self righteous dog whistlers.

“Elites are being condescending! Help! Send money to fight this!”

Absolutely not. His hardcore base is beyond all hope of redemption or admitting for one nanosecond that Donald is not perfect in every way. The only cure for his base is attrition over time.

Even Trump is aware (or should be aware) there’ll be a shit-storm if he outright fires Sessions so he’s making sure he quits on his own. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump’s arranged for the AC in Sessions’ office to be on the fritz and put glue in the door locks.

Yes, but if that was going to happen, it would have by now. Sessions seems like the ornery type who gets even more determined to ride Trump out with every tweet.

I would guess that they simply won’t believe that it happened. Just another example in their mind of Trump being unfairly targeted. Yes, maybe last week Woodward was a relatively neutral reporter, but this week he’s in league with the vile Fake News media.

Ok, that was funny. Especially the “glue on the door locks” part. :smiley:

But yeah, this is either all for show or an attempt to get Sessions to quit. Or Trump is just an immature brat who can’t control himself. How is one to know?

You think that Trump’s base will turn on him because he insulted them? That’s how he got into the White House in the first place.

His rabid supporters will just say that the accusations are lies.

SecDef Mattis appears to be saying they are lies (at least, the quotes attributed to him).

Well he would be doing that about now. I wouldn’t celebrate.

Called it.

You think Mattis is one of his “rabid supporters”?

When he said that he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and not lose their support, they took that as a complement to their loyalty rather than the insult to their intelligence that it was intended as.