Trump to announce Emergency Auth for convalescent plasma treatment of COVID

From CNN. Here is the big announcement Trump is touting tonight:

It’s Trump, so naturally the whole thing is suspicious and fucked up. The treatment is not FDA-approved, and there has still not been a randomized clinical trial. However it has been used to treat 60,000 COVID patients since March.

Obviously Trump is mobilizing this to kick off his convention week and maybe instantly improve his image as the dipshit who bungled the US’s coronavirus response.

Does anyone have any knowledge about this type of treatment in general?
How good/bad is this development?
Will it help Trump in the polls?

Once again he is going against the advice of his own experts and the FDA. And its already happening. I believe Dr Fauci said something like it couldn’t really be scaled up much beyond what they were already doing with it. It’s not really something that requires his approval, he is just once again grandstanding to his base. Grasping at straws.

On one hand, it’s probably a big waste of time, resources and money. On the other, at least it’s more benign than antimalarials, plant poisons or Lysol.

I have to assume that Trump has lost all credibility at this point except for among the always faithful. I’m skeptical that the average person will think “Wow, Trump’s really doing things!” or trust that this is a big win after the last six month shitshow of incompetence.

At this point we’re in the phase of giving those who would support him but could potentially be shamed into staying home, an excuse, any excuse, to justify to themselves that they will vote for him again.

And of course, to continue to discredit all experts and professionals.

You pretty much nailed it.

And furthemore, it’s another example of the con man promising that someting is going to happen. Just wait. He can never point to results of his doing, just things that will be great, just wait, and give me some money. And people fall for it.

In two weeks.

Here is a blog entry by a highly respected blogger in the drug discovery business:
He’s got dozens of posts on COVID and the hunt for treatments and vaccines. He’s darn good at keeping the science at a level smart but non-technical people can appreciate. I highly recommend reading his whole series on SARS-CoV-2 & COVID if you want a detailed understanding of what threat we face and what our future holds.

His take on this: Pure hype and theater. And clear evidence that the FDA is being destroyed like every other agency in the Executive branch.

You forgot: How will he profit from it?

Apparently, the FDA has been taken over by politics:

“For the first time ever, I feel like official people in communications and people at the F.D.A. grossly misrepresented data about a therapy,” said Dr. Walid Gellad, who leads the Center for Pharmaceutical Policy and Prescribing at the University of Pittsburgh.

So much damage from this administration. I really didn’t think our institutions were quite this weak. Hopefully, the damage can be repaired next year, or (heaven forfend) in 2025.

Here’s some news:

Everything Trump touches turns to shit. He’s giving the FDA the Trump Casino or Trump University treatment.

Yes and when a real treatment or a vaccine is approved by the FDA, no one will believe it because they have lost all credibility.

Yes, this is a real problem. It’s a problem in general when you have a political party who claims that the government can’t do anything right and then goes on to prove it. See also FEMA response to Katrina.

If they don’t want to govern responsibly and effectively, they should stop running for office.

They think they don’t want anyone to govern, responsibly, effectively or any other way.