Trump's contempt for the "unsuccessful"

There are many things that are hard to explain about the rise of Donald Trump and the near religious devotion of his followers but I’d like to address one in particular. I just find it so ironic that all of these working class people are throwing their lot in with someone so far removed from their way of life. But if that weren’t enough, Trump has shown a disdain and contempt for those who aren’t rich and successful, at least successful as he defines it. He’s just as much a part of the very elite that he claims he’ll unseat.

Don’t you get it? He’s looking down his nose at all of you who follow him. Everything in his history suggests this to be true. But he says he’s on your side and you all just take it as gospel. Speaking of gospel, he makes a mockery of Christianity by professing to be a “strong Christian” and promising to defend the faith that he obviously doesn’t have. His life is one long trail of greed, lust and excess, driven by a massive ego. He is very far from a Christian. But he says it, and his followers believe. I’m sure he gets a good laugh out of that.

Trump is in this for himself. He wants the power. He wants the prestige. He wants the legacy. Does he want to do great things? I’m sure he does. How else could he feed his massive ego? But to think that this mocker is really on the side of the regular working man is beyond absurd. The opposite is true. He’s laughing at all of his little worshippers. He always has and he always will.

Come to your senses and vote for Gary Johnson. He’s the only common sense candidate in the race. He’s the only one who will not threaten the freedoms we still enjoy.


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Eh, Trump does treat conservative whites as superior to non-whites and non-conservatives, which is good enough for his followers.

LBJ said it best in the 1960s.

Of course now the pool of people that conservative whites are trying to feel superior to has grown to include latinos, the poor, liberals, gays, etc.

When Trump talks about “losers,” no one thinks, “Wow! He’s talking about ME! What a jerk!”

They think: “He’s taking about THEM, all THOSE losers out there. I wanna be on HIS side, the winning side!”

And yes, people can be that stupid and unaware.

Gary Johnson is a delusional ideologue. If you don’t want Trump, vote Clinton. She’s miles better than either of them.

I find a Libertarian starting a thread about contempt for losers pretty funny, since most expressed Lib platforms boil down to “I’ve got mine and doncha dare touch it, loser.”

Johnson wants to cut the federal budget by 30 percent immediately, starting with devolving Social Security and Medicare to the states. But some people are going to vote for him anyway, based on his not being Hillary.

This is the third time you’ve snuck in a “Vote for Johnson” thread disguised as something else, and you have yet to tell us why we should vote for him. Yes-it is true that he isn’t Trump or Clinton…but who the fuck is he when it comes to the issues? Have you got anything more substantive than “His Name Is…JOHNSON!”?

Yeah, the states would love that. I’m sure Johnson thinks that they’ll just take care of it or end SS and it’ll be done.

Then, after they try - they can’t afford it - and every single elected official is voted out - or strung up, depending on the state - he might get the message that the voters WANT social security in place and his libertarian dreams require an…overly optimistic…view of the electorate that exists nowhere except in his ideological dreamworld.

I imagine most conservative Christians see right through Trump’s professions of faith. They know he’s not genuine.

What we really have is a political deal: “You give me your votes and I’ll deliver on your agenda. I’ll publicly profess belief in your views and you’ll publicly profess belief in my sincerity.”

Don’t be so mean, Jonathan Chance! Lotsa threads at the SDMB are just about the OP stroking his Johnson.

Gary Johnson will fight to protect the freedoms that he, personally, enjoys. If you want to fight for the freedoms of the rest of us, then vote for Clinton. No, she’s not perfect. But of the two candidates who are running, she’ll do by far the best job.

And yes, I said “the two candidates who are running”. Neither Gary Johnson nor Jill Stein is actually running for President, since neither one of them has the nomination from one of the two parties we have in this country. Without the nomination of one of the nation’s two parties, you can’t run for President.

And yes, I also said that we only have two parties. That’s just reality. It’s an inevitable consequence of the way our voting system is set up that there can only be two parties in this country. If you want to change that, then the solution is not to have quixotic candidates futilely declaring that they’re going to joust the windmills. The solution is to push to change our voting system.

In the Libertarian ideal world, everyone over 65 (and every disabled person, too, of course) gets put on an ice floe with a cheery ‘Bon Voyage!’

Of course global warming complicates the logistics of getting that done. And the Libertarian view on global warming is that it doesn’t really result from human activity, but if it did, Private Enterprise Will Solve It. No problem!

But in the meantime, the Johnson Administration might have to resort to artificial ice floes. Perhaps they can make them out of compacted debris from all the American businesses that will fail when Libertarian policies are enacted.

Take a look at the poll numbers for evangelicals. Hell, if you are a creationist you are probably stupid enough to believe that Trump is a believer and honest.

Now, now, we know that isn’t true. Instead, they get evicted from the housing they can’t pay for, then get arrested for vagrancy, are put into jail, where they are perfectly free to pay for their own food and medical care – but are not entitled to anything from the altruism of the populace – and are given a perfunctory pauper’s burial.

I’m aware of the data. But I also have a lot of Evangelical friends. They fully get that Trump is not a Christian. They just think he’s actually the lesser of two evils. Nearest thing I can think is that it’s because he’s anti-abortion. Well, that and a whole lot of pre-programed hatred of Clinton.

If I was still a Republican I’d vote for Gary Johnson (not so much if I was a libertarian though!).
If I was looking to vote for a Christian I’d vote for Clinton, because she’s a heck of a lot more Christian in practice than either Johnson or Trump. Not that I really care about a candidate’s religious position as long as they keep it out of their politics.
If I was looking for the most ‘common sense’ candidate I’d vote for Clinton.
If I was looking to vote for the one candidate who has a proven history of doing good things for the community and the citizenry I’d vote for Clinton.

So I’m voting for Clinton.

He’s also endorsed by the NRA. If there’s one thing I know from experience it’s that evangelicals love guns.

Thelma Lou wrote: "When Trump talks about “losers,” no one thinks, “Wow! He’s talking about ME! What a jerk!”

They think: “He’s taking about THEM, all THOSE losers out there. I wanna be on HIS side, the winning side!”

And yes, people can be that stupid and unaware. "

This. When I retired, I gave a humorous speech, much of the humor being at the expense of management. The managers were all laughing because not one of them thought I was talking about them.

Which is pretty weird, when you think about it.

<fx Shatner> “So you have… GOD protecting you.” <funny little head shake> “What do you need with GUNS?” </fx>