Trump's First 100 Days

NPR did a story on Trump’s First 100 Days in Office.
It’s nicely summarized in that article and I’m not really sure how to summarize it any better.

My liberal friends are calling this ‘terrifying,’ mostly I’m just hoping he stays focused on economic issues as long as possible. Some of the stuff, like tax credits for the middle class, sounds promising. Clearly, he plans to repeal Obamacare but I see no indication of what would replace it, which concerns me. This would be the first time in recent history that any administration has even bothered to pretend to try to do anything about immigration. In general, it seems to me like this administration may be a good test run of conservative economic policies in practice. There certainly won’t be any liberals holding them back from doing whatever they want to do. Of course, a few of these proposals would be nothing short of catastrophic for the environment.

I’m saddened that Mitch McConnel doesn’t view rebuilding infrastructure as a priority, because that seems to me like the most promising policy yet.

I’m curious what your impressions are of this First 100 Days Plan, whether it’s feasible and what the likely outcomes would be.

Any such will be wrapped in an overall plan that slashes taxes on the upper brackets; “credits for the middle class” will be the tasty tidbit that sells it.

Nobody has stopped talking about “rebuilding the infrastructure” for decades. No one’s committed anything but token funds towards it, usually in emergency bills when major bridges collapse, in all that time. I expect more of the same. Expensive as all hell, not sexy, would take two or more administrations to start showing results, and forgotten the next time someone says