Trump's fraud hotline pranked

The Trump campaign’s voter fraud hotline has been swamped with prank calls. Here is a story about it:

If you’re needing a few good laughs, here’s a YouTube video of one such prankster, who calls repeatedly. My personal favorites come at about 3:30 when he says that Biden has been training dogs and cats to vote, and at about 9:15 when he says the Biden campaign paid some kids to stand on each other’s shoulder, put on a trench coat and go vote.

Personally, I think an even better prank is one that’s not a prank at all. Provide evidence to them of Trump supporters’ efforts to interfere with a free and fair election.

Well, I contacted them through the portal and told them that one of the candidates threatened to withhold foreign aid from Ukraine unless they investigated his opponent’s family.

They didn’t write me back. I was expecting some fund raising emails, that’s one reason I took the time to fill out the form. I wanted to see how they were pitching this.

Here’s an interview with the owner of the marital aids shop by the Four Seasons. It’s actually a hoot, and he does seem to be a relatively down-to-earth guy.

Ha, nice interview.

And there is no way it didn’t happen exactly like he (and most of us) suspect, despite the “explanation” given to the NYT.

Damn, it took me like 15 minutes to read that cause I had to stop after every sentence to laugh until I cried, then I’d read the next sentence and start laughing and crying some more. This happened over 48 hours ago and it just keeps getting funnier.

I grabbed photos of both Fantasy Island Sex Store and Four Seasons not the Hotel the other one to use as Zoom backgrounds. That’ll be fun next time I take my yoga in Zoom.

Looks like the fraud hotline is no more:

According to three people familiar with the situation, the hotline was inundated for nearly a week by crank callers impersonating public figures such as Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, anti-Trump callers launching into vulgarity-laden tirades, pranksters making sounds of flatulence, and others issuing threats of physical violence at the lower- and mid-level Trump 2020 staffers.

For every three or four hours of threats and pranking endured, staff estimated that they’d get roughly one caller with an earnest, maybe-promising tip. This was done against the backdrop of a re-election campaign that virtually all of them knew was over and defeated. The search for “FRAUD,” they knew, would not actually stop Biden’s presidency from commencing.

Gee whiz, who ever saw that coming?