Trumps legacy, layed bare, aforehand

I really wish I could figure out how to find my previous posts to link to, but under the new board architecture I try and I try but nothing ever finds them.
so to add on it:

8/1/2020- 11/3/2020: the floundering idiot and delusional fools swear he will win, and that “the LIBS WILL CRY!!!”,;

11/4/2020 The Democrats will take all three branches.

11/5/2020 - 2-20-2021- Fools will post vitriolic Tweets/youTubes/Instragrams about fighting the socialists.

~6/01/2021 Some Jackass {party X} will start to gain influence over the weak minds of the Republican plebes saying that Trump was a Soros/Dem mole.

~01/01/2021 Every Trumpist on unmoderated chats will change their username to become something else.

between ~01/01/2021 and ~12/31/2022 Every Trumpist will swear that they never believed Trump for a second, That they always knew he was a plant of Soros.

~12/31/2022 -end of universe

The spectacular cognitive dissonance of [current] Trumpists will take over, and a poll of them will show that 90% of republicans never though he(trump)was really a republican and was always a puppet of Soros, planted by the New York Jews.

The armed camo assholes occupy state capitols in MI, MN, PA, WI, all states with Dem governors and Repub legislatures.

Trump says “state capitols aren’t federal property, it’s a matter for the states to handle.”

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