Trump's next publicity stunt: Mt. Rushmore on or about the 4th of July

I’m hearing conflicting things about this, but yeah, he wants to make an appearance there. Maybe he thinks the fireworks will carve his likeness into the cliff.

Gee whiz, for how many reasons is this a bad idea?

I endorse the plan if he jumps out of the plane. Sans parachute.

This kind of plan frankly reeks of desperation to me in a way even the previous military parades did not, even beyond the desire for ego stroking.

I don’t get the furor over the Rushmore plan, it’s not like this is the first time there’s been a Mount Rushmore Air Force One photo-op.

Trump shouldn’t be inviting comparisons to great Presidents.

Hell, Trump should probably avoid standing next to a portrait of Millard Fillmore.

It’s a forested area. Fireworks will create a major fire danger there. Trump doesn’t care.

The ONLY thing Trump cares about is Trump, with a side dish of “re-election”.

I hope somebody will be standing by with a mop and bucket on Election Day just in case his head explodes when he loses.

Yet another infathomably ignorant thing he said on that matter:
Dismissing concerns that the fireworks posed an environmental threat, Trump said, “what can burn? It’s stone,” adding that “nobody knew why, they just said environmental reasons.”

Others expressed the same sentiment, but Bob Dylan said it best,
“Patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings.”

Nah, just ponchos and trash bags, like a Gallagher show.

Not if everybody sweeps around the base of every tree first.

I wish the AF would tell him, “Sorry, Mr. President, we didn’t have any planes available for the flyover because they were all busy strafing CHAZ.”

Hey! Don’t knock Millard. Didn’t he get indoor plumbing in the White House?

It’s true. Trump’s no Fillmore.

“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel” - Samual Johnson, 7 April 1775.

Like I said, Bob said it better!:grin:

Let Trump do whatever he wants.

Biden and his VP nom should just do what he did the other day in PA.

Come out once a week, stand at a lectern, and give a 20 minute speech. Without mentioning Trump, riff off of whatever idiocy Trump accomplished in the previous week.

He should also start speaking as if he’s already been elected. Use the present tense instead of future.

Don’t say “If elected, I will…”

Say, “I’m calling on Congress to…”

Mallard Fillmore, maybe.

Don’t care about the gratuitous photo op overall - we’ve had plenty of those over the centuries. I’m half-tempted to say that if he wants to go ahead with the fireworks display despite the advice of experts, he should - if it sets the forest on fire, it’d be the perfect metaphor for his presidency.

Live event - super boring - I would want to leave.

I was hoping someone would start a thread on this. I don’t plan to watch (weak stomach), but if someone wants to take one for the team and report, I’d be grateful.