Trump's niece putting out a book

She leaked his father’s tax info to the NY Times. Seems she is not a fan of Donald.

Is there a debate, here? Or should this be moved to MPSIMS?

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Is there anything she could say that would change anyone’s mind about him?

I cannot imagine anything interesting my nieces could say about me. I see them a couple of times a year.

Remember when Abigail Disney tried to destroy Disney with her own tell-all and not even the internet cared?

The difference is people like Disney . Very few people don’t like them.

Disney doesn’t control nuclear weapons.

At least, not as far as we know.

How shocking that someone in his gene pool is doing something to make a quick buck. I would be surprised if she was privy to anything really juicy, but I’ll wait till some excerpts start getting some play on the news before I decide to buy it.

after a trip Disney World sent me a pretty long survey and I filled it out. One section asked about my opinion of the prices for various things like hotel, tickets, clothing, etc. They did not bother to ask about food prices since they already know they are very inflated.

Believe it or not, Florida law does authorize Disney to build a nuclear reactor.

How did she happen to have all that sort of tax information about Uncle Donald? None of my kinfolk have any such information about me!

Probably from discovery during her long-running litigation over Fred Trump Sr’s estate.

At this stage of proceedings via train wreck, I’m more in favour of taxidermy than tax

Does Politics and Elections require a debate? I thought it was just for anything that was about politics. And surely a revealing book about Trump explaining how bad he is is political. There’s no way this wasn’t in part released to inform people before they choose how to vote in November.

According to this article by Business Insider, Trump mocked his dad’s descent into Alzheimer’s.

Apparently she signed an NDA in 2001, presumably as part of a settlement of Fred’s estate. Trump is trying to prevent publication. Yawn.

Judge rejected attempt to stop publication.

Actually, from what I understand, it may have been richly deserved…

Here is some info in the book

Judge blocked publication until a July 10th hearing. It is scheduled to come out July 28th