"Trust Us with Your Life": new improv show

A new improv show on ABC debuts tonight. It’s hosted by Fred Willard, and has Colin Mochrie and Wayne Brady from Whose Line, plus other Whose Line alums guesting. The third regular is Jonathan Mangum, who I don’t know.

God, I hope it doesn’t suck.

As a fan of Whose Line and Drew Carey’s Improv-a-Ganza : This does not sound promising.

Yeesh. There are lots of big names on that site, many of whom I like. But I’ve seen too many bad versions of this show to hold out much hope.

Well, that was immensely disappointing.

Just start making Whose Line again. Please.

I liked the bit where they were playing tennis on the floor. That turned out pretty good. Otherwise, there are some issues. One is the stage. For some reason the stage and background were not pleasant to look at. It was distracting, actually.

I’m a fan of Fred Willard, but man, that was painful to watch. I expected more from the pro improv-ers–f’r instance, Wayne Brady latched onto the “ball of energy” that was Kelly Osbourne, and he just kept saying, “I’m a ball of energy! I’m a ball of energy!” I’m not sure what I expected exactly, but whatever it was, it was more than what I saw.

Mostly, I didn’t like it because it’s on ABC–they seem to specialize in the forced funny…over sweetening the live audience’s laughter with a not-funny laugh track, showing audience members howling when someone makes a funny face, etc. I want to say, “Dude. It’s not that funny.”

I felt the “improv” was at best amateurish, and was reminded of Henry Silva’s line from the “Bullshit or Not?!” segment of Amazon Women on the Moon, when he asked, "Did I take this job for a quick buck?

It seemed to me as though all the people onstage could’ve asked that question. I won’t be watching it again.

ETA: during the Osbourne episode, the camera showed the performers on the couch, and one guy I didn’t recognize was half out of the shot. Again and again. Way to go, Mr/Ms Director!

That guy’s a friend of mine! We used to do improv together - they gave him like *nothing *to do!

Although the laffs are cheap, the scene they did lying down on a mat could work again.

I think the fundamental premise - IE “We need more TV shows that focus on the micro-details of celebrities’ existences!” - is flawed.

According to TV By The Numbers, this show garnered a 1.1 rating and a 3 share among the 18-49 set. But…

If you happen to like it, better DVR it now before it’s gone.

I didn’t watch it. Was that a bit where they were lying on the ground, with a camera pointed down at them, so it looked like they were standing? Because that was used on a recent British improv show that was also really really bad, whose name escapes me at the moment. Hugh Dennis was the host. Hold on… Fast and Loose. That’s what it was called. Really, really, really bad.

Indeed, this is how the bit was filmed. I was flipping back and forth from this to the All Star game, but there was a bit where they were playing tennis in this fashion and it was kind of funny watching the ball crawl back and forth.

I happened to catch a similar bit on the floor in the 2nd episode, something about being pulled over in a car. It did not translate as well as the tennis match.