"Truth Invaders" - political game

This was designed and run by a friend of mine, and I thought y’all might find it amusing: http://www.truthinvaders.com/index.html

It’s basically like Space Invaders, except that you shoot down lies told by politicians, to get the truth. In 2008, the game focused on lies told by both Democrats and Republicans. In the FAQ, he makes a compelling argument that in 2012, the level of outright untruths told by Republicans leaves the Democrats in the dust, and so the game is one-sided. However, still amusing and educational.

I have the permission of a Moderator to post this (I’m also posting in the Election Forum.)


Yeah…I’m sure liberals find it compelling.


If you don’t like it, then stop electing people who like to lie. Or, maybe, since we’re talking about politicians, pick people who can lie better.