Two Lies and a Truth

Following up on the success of the most recent Two Truths and a Lie game, let’s play the other variant.

The game is simple: Post three statements, preferably thematically related. One of the statements is accurate, and the other two are made up. Guess which statements from other people were the Truths and which were the Lies.

I’ll lead:

  • I once took part in a circus show as the ringmaster.
  • I once took part in a circus show as a stunt driver.
  • I once took part in a circus show as a trapeze aerialist.

I’m thinking this one’s the truth.

Here’s mine:

*I’ve competed in four science fairs and won one.
*I once won money for a story I submitted in a writing competition.
*I never made less than an A in any math class until I was in 9th grade.

You were a stunt driver?

I once accidently fired a .22 rifle into my foot
I once fired a .50 revolver and the recoil badly cuy my hand
I once dropped a firecracker in the toilet and cracked the bowl

Nope, I made up the stunt driving. It’s down to a 50-50…

This one’s my guess for the truth.

I’ll guess this one, allowing for the spelling.

Correct, Scuba.

I guess you were the trapize artist then?

Right! :slight_smile:

Correct, samarm. I dug up the photo last week; it’s from 2002.

I’m in the blue.