Let's play 2 Lies and a Truth!

The rules are simple: just make 3 statements about yourself, 2 of which are falsehoods and 1 of which is the truth. The more creative the lies and outlandish the truth, the better. Identify the truth either at the bottom of your post or in a later post. Fun for the whole family!

OK, I’ll get the ball rolling:

(1) I memorized the value of pi out to the 15th decimal point in the 6th grade and can still remember it today.

(2) I once spent a summer working as a pool-boy for a pool maintenance company, and one of our clients was a certain O.J. Simpson.

(3) I can balance an M&M on the tip of my nose and then, without using my hands, pull it into my mouth with my tongue.


(1) Afraid so. What a geek am I.
(2) Unfortunately not. That would have been kind of cool, though.
(3) Nope, although my wife can perform that little trick. Hubba hubba.

  1. I can juggle up to five beanbags in a reasonably competent manner.

  2. I once drove from Vermillion, South Dakota to El Paso, Texas in an orange Volkswagon Beetle without stopping (apart from the usual food, gas and potty breaks).

  3. I once started a thread remarkably similar to this one.


  1. Nope – can’t do more than three.
  2. Nope – it was State College, Pennsylvania to Linicoln, Nebraska.
  3. Afraid so

Dang it. And I searched first, too, although I looked for the name of the game as I learned it.

Oh well. This does seem to be the week for recycled threads.

Great minds think alike, I guess. You could always add to that one – it hasn’t been dead that long, and you get to make up more lies that way.

And that’s Lincoln, dammit. I don’t know where “Linicoln” is.

Isn’t it usually “two truths and a lie”? Oh well, when in Rome…

  1. The only time I’ve ever broken a bone was in a bar fight.

  2. Once, a hot air balloon crash-landed in my back yard.

  3. I graduated in two “palindrome years.”

1) Nope. Never broken a bone.
2) Nope. It was my front yard.
3) True. High school in 1991, and law school in 2002. How geeky of me to notice.

  1. I can solve a well oiled Rubik’s Cube in under one minute.

  2. I have uncanny luck at finding money lying on the ground.

  3. I haven’t been outside or seen daylight since Tuesday.


  1. Have never ever solved one in any amount of time, much less one minute, oiled or otherwise.

  2. Nope, not this one either…

  3. Sad but true. And no, im not incarcerated, bed-ridden or otherwise unable to freely do so.

Fun thread!

  1. I’m spying on SumLurker today.

  2. I lost my virginity inside a church.

  3. I can bend spoons with my head, like that kid in The Matrix

  1. I’m going straight to hell for that one. There were no priests involved. And I swear it’s accidental, SumLurker

You’re right. Obviously, my crack SDMB research skills are surpassed in greatness only by my indelible memory. :rolleyes:

However, I think more lies will make it more interesting – guess we’ll see.

  1. I’ve been arrested (but not convicted) for arson.
  2. I’ve had twelve girlfriends in the past year.
  3. I’ve been bit by a tiger.

Just for fun, I’ll delay revealing which is true.

ultrafilter: I’m betting on #1


  1. My favorite comic strip of all time is Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy.
  2. I was once lost in the Smoky Mountain National park for nearly two days.
  3. The name of our exterminator is Jimmy Bugg.

[spoiler]1. Yes, especially any strips with the “three rocks” or Rollo the Rich Kid.

  1. No. Fortunately, I always carry maps.

  2. My exterminator is a rolled-up newspaper.[/spoiler]

  1. In 7th grade, I memorized pi to the 25th decimal place, and still remember it.

  2. I have found well over 50 four-leaf clovers in my lifetime, along with several five-leaf clovers, two six-leaf clovers, and one seven-leaf clover.

  3. When I had a beard, I dressed as Karl Marx for a photography project my friend was doing. The looks we got were priceless.

  1. False. Actually, it was the 50th place.

  2. True. I grew up in a state park, so I had large patches of clover to spend my time searching. I really didn’t have many friends as a child.

  3. False. I actually dressed as Jesus. We even made a wooden cross. He got an ‘A’ on the project. The looks we got were, indeed, priceless. Especially from the priest who lived a few houses down. :smiley:

  1. I once joined “The Mile High Club” on a flight from L.A.

  2. I have nine tattoos scattered all over my body.

  3. I worked on an exhibit that is in the Smithsonian.


  1. I wish…
  2. True
  3. Not true, but it was supposed to go in the Smithsonian, but the funding fell through.
  1. Harlan Ellison once gave me a decent seated backrub.
  2. Gwyneth Paltrow and I hung out in an airport and she petted my cats
  3. Hillary Clinton shook my hand and thanked me personally for voting for her

I’ve sworn off voting for Clintons. And the above is the entire extent of my celebrity encounters.

Why not.

  1. Our exterminator is called Ronald Roach.
  2. While free-scale climbing, I fell off a cliff and broke my collarbone and both my legs.
  3. I worked on a project for Bill Gates.

magog, I guess 3.

  1. My user name was chosen because I founded an organization that has the initials ITR.
  2. My only memorable celebrity encounter was when Hank Aaron leaned on my back yard fence, but from the other side.
  3. I was the first person on this board to write “Hi Opal” as the third entry on a list.
  1. I have completed the Chicago Marathon 7 times.

  2. I am married to the most wonderful man on the planet.

  3. I’m driving a new Jaguar ragtop.

  1. False. I can’t even run out to get the mail.
  2. True. True. True. I guess you’ll just have to trust me on that one! :slight_smile:
  3. False. Only in my dreams. I did see one that I fell in love with earlier this week. <sigh>

I posted to the dying end of jr8’s thread, but it slipped off my radar!

  1. My middle name is Imogene.
  2. I’ve been nominated for an Emmy.
  3. On the date 10-10-10 I’ll be 47 years old.

Oh whoops, I forgot to answer!


  1. My middle name is actually Dorothy, of a similar vintage as Imogene.
  2. I wish I’ve been nominated for Emmy, but in fact two projects for which I served as writer have been! They’re regional awards.
  3. On the date 10-10-10 I shall celebrate my 47th birthday. Sounds exceedingly scary.[/spoiler]
  1. I was a virgin until my wedding night.
  2. I am known within my coven for having the most disorganized and messy Book of Shadows.
  3. I have been turned for credit cards that my husband has been approved for, when we have the same address, same banking information, and his credit is worse than mine.

Answers will be posted at a later time.

Nope, #1. Actually, as my wife informed me, it’s Roger Roach. Talk about type cast.

I broke two ribs and a collarbone during the fall, and it was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, not BG himself.