Post 2 true and 1 false thing about yourself

I saw this done elsewhere, was kinda fun, thought worth a try. Post 2 true and 1 false thing about yourself and the others try to guess the lie. They don’t have to be “dramatic” things, but if you have something interesting thing(s) which might not be ordinary (eg “I bowled a 300 game” or “I met Tom Hanks”), it can be fun to mix that in with a similar lie. :slight_smile:

OK, only one of these things is false:

In my life (but only once each), I have eaten:

…Several french fries left behind by someone loose on a table top at McDonald’s (out of the sack).

…Potato chips chips from an opened bag left on top of an open garbage bin (i.e., not on the lid - there was no lid).

…Goldfish crackers from an opened bag left behind on a seat in the NYC subway.

(Secondary poll: given that I admit to having done 2 of these 3 things, which is the one you would really, REALLY not do?)

I’m bettin’ that the lie is the french fry

About me:

  1. I do a bi-weekly radio show

  2. I have never owned any kind of cell phone

  3. My sister is a nun

Three things I’ll admit about myself (one of which is not true):

  1. I can swear like a fishmonger in Esperanto.
  2. During an Esperanto conference, I got lost on the Helsinki metro, which only has one line.
  3. I had dinner with Kazakhstan’s most famous Esperanto-speaking folk singer.

I say #1 is the lie.

  1. I lie on the internet on a regular basis.

  2. I never lie on the internet.

  3. I am smarter than shit (on the internet at least).

Work that combination out byotches :wink:

yeah it doen’t work but work with me here :slight_smile:

  1. I only vote in presidential elections.

  2. Ive smoked heroin a couple times in my life.

  3. I’ve met Danny Devito.

  1. I have played guitar with David Byrne, in front of an audience

  2. I have five siblings, but my paternal grandfather had only one grandchild, me.

  3. I have one blue eye and one green eye


I’ve appeared in the newspaper w/a girlfriend
I’ve never left the Eastern Time Zone
I’ve dated a member of a political family

#2 is the lie. I would have said number three but it’s such a vague, general statement that it could mean a po-dunk little nothing town’s mayor’s daughter. :smiley:

WRONG! Your 1st instinct was correct.

  1. I was lost in a forest for a day and a half.

  2. I was onstage with The Guess Who for an entire show.

  3. I caught a foul ball at a major league baseball game.

I managed to concuss myself falling out of a bed
I whacked myself in the face with a bat, cracking a sinus cavity
I pinned my foot to the ground with a lawn dart

D’ohh!! :smack:

  1. I have a collection of round things.

  2. I’ve never been to Gatorland

  3. I drink lots of beer.

I can rebuild a bike in a box by myself.
I can do all of the routine car maintenace except brakes.
I changed out a broken toilet without flooding the bathroom.

MissTake, I’m 34 and I’ve never seen a lawn dart. I thought you were about my age, so I’m going to say that was the lie.

Sadly, it’s a truth. I thwacked that damn thing all the way through my foot. When I pulled it out, there was a small geyser of blood, which caused my Mom to almost pass out.
The first one was the lie.

And bless you for thinking we’re almost the same age - I’m almost a decade older than you!

Shudders at the thought. That must have hurt a LOT. I’m clumbsy enough that I could have concussed myself by falling out of the bed, so I thought that was true. Hitting yourself with the bat must have hurt so much and is also something I can see happening.

Maybe you just post young because you are so cool?

Nope. In fact I am posting right now from the station as my show (The Hep Imp Show) plays. Listen in at or play the stream sometime.

My guess is #2…am I right?