Try This

Place the palms of both hands together as if praying

Now interlock all fingers EXCEPT the 3rd of each hand

Keep the 3rd finger tips pressed together

Without unlocking try to separate the 3rd fingers


I thought this was easy, then I realised I was usign the 2nd fingers. Good one. AM I the pnly one who ohas trouble fully interlocking my little fingers whilst the 3rd fingers are not interlocked?

I think you must be. Incidentally that was shown on The Real Hustle last night

The trick is to press the tips of the third fingers together, causing the fingers to bow outwards, then you can seperate them. :wink: ETA: By allowing the tips to pass aside each other, but not interlock. I don’t know if this is a “legal workaround” or not.

Still don’t work, you have to try to pull 'em apart…no sliding to the side you bloody cheat :wink:

dunno about that, but try doing the same thing with the FOURTH finger. Now there’s a tricky one! Fifth finger is easy though.

I think I’m missing something here. Third finger = ring finger, yes? Or do you start counting from the thumb, thus making it the middle finger?

Either way, I’m not experiencing any difficulty… what’s supposed to happen? :confused:

3rd finger, the one next to your pinky.

Now try it and see what happens

Weird, I can do it with all the other fingers except the third ones.

Was just going to ask if that’s what you’d been watching.

I’ve actually used that trick in the pub before on multiple occasions. As with all their stuff, however, the real art lies not in the trick, but in identifying someone who will:

a) actually do it
b) stick to the bet
c) not beat the crap out of you for tricking them

that’s the hard part.

But I’ll bet you can’t do it with your 2nd finger without moving at least one of the others

garius C is most certainly the hard part :wink:

And speaking of the Real Hustle…Jess!! phwoar…

I have a better one!
Place your palm on a flat surface, then fold your index, middle and pinky fingers underneath, so that only the ring finger is still outstretched. Then try lifting the finger off the surface without unfolding any other finger.
I haven’t met anyone who’s been able to do it.

Try this:

Place your hand down on a table, palm down, fingers slightly spread. Tuck your middle finger under.

Your thumb weighs 5000 pounds. Try to lift it. Your index finger weighs a million pounds. Try to lift it. Your pinky finger weighs a million zillion kajillion pounds. Try to lift it.

Your ring finger weighs a billionth of an ounce. Try to lift it.


And they say I didn’t learn anything useful in 3rd grade.

I paid $7.95 for membership to this piece of crap board? Damn simulpost timeout crap. I flip it off with my ring finger!

I said, I flip it… ah, screw it.

It’s easy, I just lift it up with my other hand :stuck_out_tongue:

same as tdns :smiley:

Since I did a simulpost, here’s a different one:

Put your pinky fingers in your mouth, and bite down on the fingernails. Not just the nails, include some flesh and bone. Bite right in the middle of the joints.

Come, on, really bite. Hard. Cause yourself some serious pain.


Keep this up for a good minute or two.

Now take your fingers out of your mouth, curl them into hook shapes, and link them together.


Oh no you don’t. There’s no way I’m going to pull my own finger! I pulled my uncle’s finger once… shudder

Which is, of course, why she’s a damn good Hustler… :slight_smile:

Jess from Real Hustle For you funny foreign types who haven’t had the privilege.

I’m still trying to remember that silly rhyme with hand movements that ends with you flipping off the other person…

I was a slacker in third grade.