Trying again to get sober, now with a panic attack!

So, my last drink this time was on Friday. Could not get to sleep Saturday night until 5am Sunday, which is part of the detox process. Woke at 7am after a very vivid dream which had me lying in bed in the same position. I freaked, not knowing which was real. What most concerned me was how my left foot was numb and my fingertips tingled. I thought it was a stroke on top of what seemed like a panic attack. A quick survey showed that it probably wasn’t a stroke (I have a set of tests I use when I fall off a ladder; dont you?) and a trip to WebMD showed I was exhibiting almost all of the classic symptoms of a panic attack, down to the tingling.

Don’t know why I drink. I don’t even like it. But now I have this reminder, on top of the seizure in January in which I totalled my car and lost my DL for six months, to show that withdrawal is a bitch and I shouldn’t start back up.

Best of luck to you, one day at a time!

Panic attacks really suck. I hope you feel better.

I’ll send good calming thoughts your way. Feel better.

Take it one day at a time, I wish you the very best.

Good luck with being sober. I know it’s not easy.

And I’ve gotten a lot of panic attacks, so I know what they’re like. I know they must be extra-scary for those who don’t have them often and don’t know right away what’s happening to them.

Are you working with a doctor? I worry about you trying this cold turkey. :frowning:

However you decide to do this, you have my support and best wishes. {{{hugs}}}

One day at a time. If that’s too long, one hour. You can do it.

Reach out, we are here. {{{:heart::heart:}}}

Actually my concern with soloing is the health stuff, but I tried doing it right a couple years back and the rehab joint was worse than useless. I’ve told the tale before.

Anyway, enough about me. My daughter’s longtime roomie had a baby and I’m a grandpa, in a postmodern sense!!

If your daughter’s partner had a baby then you absolutely are a grandpa! Congratulations!

dropzone, the very best of luck!! Hugs!

They aren’t currently partners, but close enough.

I hope you’ll keep feeling better every day. Enjoy the baby!

Oooh! Baby hugs and kissies, The best. Get 'em while you can. My youngest grandchild just told me he’s out of kissies. He’s 3yo:(

Better yet, BABY SMELL!!! Little bastards are contagious.

Yea they are. Every cold I ever had came from a kid. Usually my own, but still.

Please, please don’t do it alone – a relative of mine landed in the hospital when she tried.

Good luck to you! :smiley:

Good luck! You can do it. You WILL do it.

Does not sound to me like classic anxiety attack to me. At least not what I experienced in similar conditions and I thought it was more like classic description (stop stop, let me out, just stop, think, do not think, please stop, omg, shit, shit, make it STOP). I’d rather pull all my teeth out than to live 30 min in that condition. OTOH experience might wary. Your nerve system is broken. You can expect anything. Carefully administered general depressant might help (benzos). So does firewater, but you do not want to go down that path again. That is the point. In each case is good to have someone around, even if they do not know what you are going through. Even this board can help a little. I know.

You will be clean by tomorrow, symptoms should completely gone in a week or so, but you’ll fell like shit for another couple of weeks. After that is all up to controlling situation. IRL sometimes works permanently, usually does not. Just take one step at the time at this time.

I’m feeling normalish today. No desires for a drink. No sweats, which I think of as a way to detox. Shaking is not bad. Ate something yesterday. Will eat something today. Diarrhea and dry heaves ended. Lungs are better. No longer as weak as a kitten. However, I know I’m not out of the woods and won’t do anything fancy for another day. Sleeping a lot, which helps my brain heal.

As with many drunks I got used to not eating, so my diet wasn’t good. Will work on that. Have bookmarked this thread so I don’t forget. Thanks for the good wishes.

And thanks for your patience, as I have done this before. This time for sure!

Stay strong.