trying to download instructions for Sony Clie'

My wife bought a sony Clie model PEG-T615C on Ebay and it didn’t come with instructions.
Call me dim, but I can’t seem to glean them off the Sony USA site. More than just the results, could someone please show me the route they took to get to them so I can be more effective in the future? :smack:


I plugged “manual” and “PEG-615C” into Google and got this list list which included this link. Clicking on the link downloaded a pdf of the manual. Maybe the Sony site conflicts with a browser setting or pop up blocker on your machine.

I had neglected to use the word “manual” on google.
I was trying to get the info by following links on the sony website.


The Sony Clie website is definitely a bad site which has committed lots of felonies. I don’t bother to look there. Clie good, support bad.